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Best Way to add WordPress Table of Contents

WordPress Table of Contents

PostX is the best WordPress Gutenberg Plugin for Post Grid. With numerous features and customization options, It has already satisfied more than 10,000 WordPress users. Most of the users are giving positive feedback and 5-star rating to this plugin. Because it is an all-in-one solution for creating customized News Magazine sites and blogs. So that, the users can keep the plugins count low. Now, with high numbers of users requests, we are proudly presenting the New and revolutionary WordPress Table of Content blocks of posts and custom post types. So, how you can add the WordPress table of contents to your blog posts?

You can add and customize the table of contents by following these simples steps.

1. Install PostX

2. Add the WordPress Table of Contents block

3. Customize the Block

Introducing Gutenberg Table of Contents Blocks of PostX

View Demo

How to add WordPress Table of Contents Using PostX

I have already mentioned the steps required to add a WordPress Table of Contents. Now it’s time to explain all the steps and make it easier for you.

1. Install PostX

The table of Contents block is the newly added block of PostX. So, in order to use it, you need to install the PostX plugin. Follow the below steps to install this plugin.

  • Go to the Plugin section and click on the Add new button
  • Type PostX in the search bar
  • Click on the install button
  • After installation click on the active button
Install PostX

After installing the PostX Plugin, you can add the Table of Contents Blocks to any Blog Posts. But, I want to mention another thing, This Content table Blocks of PostX works as an Addon. You can find it from the Addons sections. By default, It will be turned on. However, you can turn it OFF whenever you want.

Table of Contents Addon

2. Add WordPress Table of Contents block

After installing and activating the posts plugin, you can add the table of contents block to any blog posts on your site.

add table of contents block
  • Go to the blog post where you want to add the table of contents
  • Click on the Plus Icon
  • Search for a table of content
  • Click on the block and will be added to the posts

After adding the block to the posts the table of content will dynamically add the headings of this particular blog post.

Table of Contents Block of PostX

3. Customize the Block

Now it’s time for the most interesting part of the New WordPress Table of Contents block. PostX allows full control to customize any blocks. You can customize it by playing with settings sections. But before going to the settings section you can check premade layout and design. You can choose any of them if don’t want to customize yourself.

Layouts and Ready Made Designs

However, you can explore all the available customization options by clicking the settings section. Now, let me talk about the available setting options.

General Settings: First of all you can see the title and subtitle tag selection option. You can decide which H tags should be visible to the Table of Contents. Then you can turn on or turn off the “Collapsible” and “Back to Top” buttons. The collapsible button is used for hiding or unhides the table. By turning it on you can enable a button for the users. So, the users can open or close the table of contents by clicking on the button. Back to the top is another important button for the readers. They can go to the top of the blog post by clicking on the button.

General Settings of Table of Contents

Heading: You can customize the heading of the content table. You can see that the default title of the table is set to Table of Contents. It can be changed by using the Header Text section. Then you can use other design properties such as heading text color, background color, typography, border, radius, and padding.

Heading Settings of Table of Contents

List Body: It allows to customize the body of the table of contents. You can choose from 5 different hover styles. Adjusting width and gap between lists is also available. There are other helpful design properties available such as list text color, hover color, background color, typography, and adjusting padding. But most important is that you can make this content table sticky. You can also choose the sticky table position between left and right.

List Body Settings of Table of Contents

Back to Top: If you turned on the back-to-top button from the general setting, you will get full customization options for it. First of all, you can choose the position between left and right. Then you choose from three different available icons. There are more design properties available including, color, background color, hover background color, icon size, etc.

Back to Top

Advance: The table of contents of PostX provides some advanced customization options. It includes adjusting margin, padding, and border, border-radius. You can also change the border style, background type, and color.

Advance Settings of Table of Contents

Tutorial Video to add a Table of Contents in WordPress Post

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Benefits of Using the WordPress Table of Content of PostX

You may already use or want to use the Table of Contents for your blog posts and pages. But the question is why should you use the content table block of the PostX or replace it with the existing plugin?

The answer is simple, you should use PostX instead of other available options because it offers numerous benefits. Let me explain some of the major benefits.

SEO Benefits: PostX is the all-in-one solution for any kind of News Magazine site and Blogs. So, using this plugin will help you reduce the number of Plugins. It will help to maintain the loading time of your website or blog.

Customization: The table of contents block of Postx gives full control over customization. So, you can design it according to your preference and match the style of your site.

Regular update: PostX provides regular updates with error solutions and the addition of new features. So that, you don’t need to worry about any kind of errors and can explore and use all upcoming features and addons.

Documentation and Support: Postx has rich documentation and a dedicated support team. You will get all the information and tutorials from the documentation page. If you still face any difficulties while using the plugin you can always contact the support team.


How do I remove the table of contents in WordPress?

You can easily remove the table of contents in WordPress. If you added the contents table by using PostX, Just go to the post or page from where you want to remove the table. Click on the block options and then click on the remove block button.

Will the ‘Table of Content’ block help with SEO?

Yes, it will. First of all, there is a chance of an overall increase in the ‘Time on site’ metrics. A WordPress table of contents can also increase the number of recurring visitors. Clearly, this will contribute to improved rankings in Google SERPS in the coming days. 

How do I make a table beautiful in WordPress?

If you use the WordPress table of contents of PostX, you can make it beautiful and attractive by using customization options. PostX allows you full control to customize. You can customize every portion of the content table including Text Colors, background colors, margin, padding, hover style, etc.


That’s all about the WordPress Table of Contents block of PostX. By reading this step-by-step guide you can easily add the Gutenberg block of Table of Contents to your blog posts and pages. If you have any kinds of difficulties or any questions just leave a comment below.

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