Privacy Policy

We, WPXPO, want to assure our users that we take privacy very seriously. We don’t want our users to feel uncomfortable while using our site. So, it is important for us, as Service Providers, to be as transparent as possible. We want to share how we use, collect (if any), and maintain (if any) your data (Personally Identifiable Information)  on our site. 

Our privacy policy does not and will not apply to any organizations, personnel, or any other entities that we do not control. This privacy policy encompasses our own policies-how we use your data, whether or not we store your data, how we store it, why we store it, and how we maintain it.  

Who We Are

We, WPXPO, offer WordPress Themes and Plugins. We have a strong user base with a growing number of users across the globe. You can find us at or other subdomains we own and operate. 

If you choose to use our services through our website, you agree to comply with our cookie policy alongside our Terms and Conditions. 

What We Collect 

The information we collect can be divided into two subcategories. 


You are required to create a user account when you wish to buy a product/service from WPXPO. We also have a newsletter subscription service that allows us to share information about our latest products/services. 

When purchasing a product, you will need to share your name, email address, country, and relevant purchase information (if required). For the newsletter services, we typically only need basic credentials like name, email address, or other relevant information if necessary for sending promotional offers. 


When you visit our site using cookies, we collect your IP, device information, geographical data, etc. alongside some cookie data that is already installed. 

We keep track of the pages you visit and the type of activities you do on our site (automatically collected Device Information). We collect this information STRICTLY for advertising/promotional purposes. 

Site Restrictions 

We DO NOT COLLECT data KNOWINGLY from individuals under 18. We are strict about this particular issue. 

How We Collect Non-Personal Information 

We collect Non-Personal Information from the following technologies/practices:  

1. “Cookies” are special identifiers that are anonymously placed. You can learn about this technology from the following link:

2. “Log Files” can collect information on your actions on various websites, IP Addresses, Browser types, ISP (Internet Service Providers), Time Stamps, Referring Domains, and others.  

3. Also, there are “Web beacons”, “Tags” and other electronic files that can record information about your interaction with the browser. 

4. “Google Analytics” and other relevant technologies track user interaction with the websites and share the information. 

We collect all the Non-Personal data strictly for advertising purposes. We do not share or distribute any of these data to 3rd party companies or any other entities. 

Also, we use pop-up permissions to ask our users whether or not they want to share their data with us. As a user, you have the option to choose whether or not you want to share your information. 

How We Process Payment Information 

In general, we ask for your name, e-mail address, and Geolocation (Country), when you wish to make a purchase. All of our purchases happen via the Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform. So, by the general rule of thumb, we DO NOT have access to any of your payment information (card details, security details), etc.  

You can learn more about Paddle’s Policy here. 

How Do We Use Your Information 

We use your information STRICTLY for the Following Purposes: 

1. We want to keep our communication open with you. We want to be able to share the latest product news, updates, offers, and more. 

2. We monitor potential spam/frauds across our website. 

3. According to your likings, we may show you/share information on the latest products, ongoing discounts, and more. 

4. Invoicing is also one of the main reasons for us to use the information you provide us. 

5. Assess our marketing efforts to offer better service in the coming days. 

We may ask for additional information (only if required) from you for the above-mentioned reasons. 

Sharing Your Information

As mentioned earlier, we typically have to share information with 3rd parties strictly for marketing purposes. 

We use Google Analytics to understand how our users interact with our website. This is to keep our site up-to-date with the latest information our users are seeking and to offer them relevant services.

You can check out Google’s Terms of Use:

Also, as users interact with us on Social Media platforms, we use that info to offer personalized advertising and product marketing.  

You can review your Facebook Ads settings here:

Also, our Twitter users can check out this article on Twitter ads privacy policy to learn more:

If you wish to stop receiving such ads, then you can visit the following links:!%2F (Your Ads Choice)!%2F (Network Advertising Initiative-NAI)

***Please note that we take your privacy seriously. If we receive a DO NOT TRACK signal from your browser, we do not collect data from you. We DO NOT USE any other black hat methods to get traffic from your browser. 

*** If you choose to Refuse Browser cookies, then may not work properly. Again, if you don’t want your data to be tracked, then please adjust your browsers to refuse cookies. You can visit this link:

It will help you change/enable cookie settings on your browser. 

3rd Party Integrations

In order to offer seamless support and experience, we may have to work with 3rd parties. All 3rd party products or services offer their own privacy policies, for which we cannot take any responsibility whatsoever. We WILL NOT BE LIABLE for a breach in data for 3rd party integrations and services. Please check out the 3rd party privacy policies to learn more.  

We are only responsible for WPXPO and its subdomain resources. 

User Rights 

As a loyal user of the WPXPO community, we respect your privacy, which is why we are sharing all information on how we collect and process and data. And you also have the right to ask for deletion of your data from our servers. 

Data Retention 

As we are strict about our data policy, we will take immediate action once you ask us for the deletion of your data. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 days from the day of the request for the changes to take effect. 

Also, data deletion requests are only processed through email. We will not be able to process any requests via social media or other such mediums. 

Do note that we may have to store some data for security and legal purposes. When you proceed with data deletion, such data will not be included for deletion. 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance 

We value your privacy. 

For this reason, we take extra care when it comes to the data of our users. We are constantly bringing changes to our policies to give you an open, transparent experience. 

WPXPO is fully committed to comply and bring relevant changes in accordance with the EU GDPR policy. We’re committed to offering the best service to our customers without the unintentional breach of any confidential customer data.  

Changes to Our Policy 

We are relentlessly trying to give our customers the best possible experience. For this reason, changes may come to our policies at any given time. Whatever the change may be, we will try our best to let our customers know about the change to our policies as early as possible. 

Potential Data Breaches 

We here at WPXPO are vigilant to stop any data breaches intentionally. However, if an unintentional data breach occurs, we would try our best to let you know once we’re aware of it. 

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for us, or if you need any clarification, please contact us via our contact support form.  Or you can reach out to us at:

DATE UPDATED: Monday, July 12, 2021