Terms & Conditions

Themes and Plugins License

All of your WordPress themes and plugins are licensed under the GNU (General Public License v3 or later). You may use the purchased themes /plugins on as many websites as you like. But, with an individual purchase of the themes or plugins, you will get access to the support and updates as per that very package defines.

Here is more detail about the license – http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html 

Lifetime Access  

We offer access to our themes and plugins through a one-time payment option called “Lifetime Access “. This advantage will ensure access to our themes and plugins for as long as the product/service is offered by WPXPO.


Human code error is a common occurrence. So, our themes and plugins are provided “as is”. We offer no warranty for our codes as per General Public License policy. Furthermore, we can not guarantee that our products will function with the plugins or themes that you are currently using or will use in the future.


WPXPO is not liable for lost profits or any occurrences, accidents, or damages arising out of or related to our products and services.

Product Delivery  

You can download the products you have purchased by logging into your account. For downloading a free product only logging into the account is required. From the dashboard, you can download your product for an unlimited time. If you find any problem, the first thing you need to check is whether or not your payment is done. If the payment is done and yet you are facing trouble, you need to open a ticket. Regarding account-related issues, we put a special priority on tickets.


We do not provide custom themes and plugins support. Sometimes we fix this through a support ticket if it is a code of a few lines. All of our themes and plugins are built following the WordPress coding standard. So, here the chance of conflict is almost null. Besides, if there is a bug or any problem, we offer help to resolve it.


Whenever we find any kind of bug, we try to fix that and update our product as soon as possible. Sometimes we provide a fix in the ticket before updating our products. You may have to wait for a while on more complex issues.


After you purchase the product, if you need development support then open a ticket. We offer premium support for our premium products that are defined in the pricing plan. Access to the premium support lasts as long as you keep your license active or as long as WPXPO provides the service. 

For example, every single plugin purchase is for one year of active support and updates. Support is provided through our ticketing system. We try our best to provide support to our customers as soon as possible. Sometimes supports can be delayed due to weekends and public holidays. We provide our service and support through automatic replies during holidays.

We also provide support to the free users but only after we are done providing support to the premium users. We are not liable to provide support to the free users. Yet, we try our best to respond to each of your needs and queries as quickly as possible. We recommend the WordPress.org support forum for free support.

NOTE: We will not be liable to provide support on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

Offers / Price Changes 

WPXPO reserves all the rights regarding the price change. Price change and offers are part of the business.

Illegal Uses 

On our site, if any user tries spamming and fraud activities, we will be forced to block that User to preserve other customers’ security. If anything strange or questionable happens to you on the WPXPO site then email us immediately. We will fix the problem with the utmost priority.


We are committed to offering the best possible experience via the PostX plugin. Still, we have a ‘14-Day’ easy refund policy. You can learn more here.

Latest update on May 28, 2021.