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How to Set Wholesale Prices in WooCommerce

How to Set Wholesale Prices in WooCommerce

If you run a B2B WooCommerce store, one of your top priorities should be setting wholesale prices.

You can engage with wholesale customers and maintain their attention via repeat business when you offer wholesale prices. You give customers a discount on their purchases since they’re buying bulk.

Have you considered implementing wholesale pricing in WooCommerce for your large orders and wholesale customers?

By offering wholesale rates, your online shop becomes more appealing to merchants needing to place large orders, which may significantly increase the average order value. However, WooCommerce limits you to standard prices for products by default.

Here, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to create wholesale prices in WooCommerce for those who plan on making bulk purchases with WholesaleX.

Common Approaches to Include Wholesale Pricing in WooCommerce Store

Here, we’ll discuss the details of various approaches to include wholesale pricing on your site. Knowing the available options can help you find the method that will work best fit for your situation.

You can include wholesale pricing in five different ways. 

Which are:

  • WooCommerce User Role-based Pricing
  • WooCommerce Tiered Pricing
  • Product-specific Wholesale pricing
  • WooCommerce Category Discount
  • Global Wholesale Discount

WooCommerce User Role-based Pricing

User roles can be used to create wholesale pricing. You can specify the roles and then determine the price depending on those roles. This means when a wholesale customer signs in, the prices they see depend on their assigned role.

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing

With tiered pricing, you can set different prices for each product. You can offer higher discounts if the customer purchases more product quantities. You get to choose the pricing and the range for each tier.

Product-specific Wholesale pricing

Wholesale prices can be set for particular products if required. The pricing technique gives you complete control over the items on your B2B WooCommerce store since it allows you to customize every product as you see fit. In this case, however, the discount is not automatically added; it must be set manually for each product. And it takes time; therefore, it might only work for small online stores.

WooCommerce Category Discount

Using this strategy, you can adjust the pricing in your B2B WooCommerce store by product category. This means the user receives discounts based on the product category they pick. Once a category is selected, and prices are set, wholesale discounts can be applied to items purchased from that category.

Global Wholesale Discount

The Global Wholesale discount is another option available in many B2B WooCommerce stores. By using this method, you can get a discount on almost everything. It helps add a wholesale discount to each wholesale order. Creating the role and adding the associated discount percentage is all that is required. Therefore, a wholesale discount will be applied to the B2B role’s next purchase after signing in.

How to Set Wholesale Prices in Woocommerce?

Now that we know the approaches to set wholesale prices let us move forward and discuss how to set wholesale prices in wooCommerce. So, let’s not waste any time and move forward with it.

Video Tutorial

Before starting the in-depth written tutorial, we thought a video will help you to visually see to set the wholesale prices.

On Product Label

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard→Products→All Products.

WordPress Dashboard New
WordPress Dashboard New

2. Select a Product and Click Edit. In the WholesaleX B2B Special, Type the Base Price. Then Click Update.

Setting Price Product Label
Setting Price Product Label

And you’re done setting the Wholesale Price on the product label.

Global Setting

Download WholesaleX

First, download and install WholesaleX. Here’s a complete guideline for installing WholesaleX.

1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard New
WordPress Dashboard New

2. Then go to WholesaleX → Dynamic Rules.

WholesaleX Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Dynamic Rules

3. Click “Create Dynamic Rule”. Click on it to expand. And name your Rule Title.

WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules

4. On the Rule Type, Select Product Discount.
On the Select User/Role, select any (according to your need): All Users / All Roles / Specific Users / Specific Roles.
Choose your preferred option from the dropdown menu on the Product Filter.
Choose your discount type from the dropdown. Select Percentage or Amount. Then type the Discount amount.

Setting Wholesale Discount with WholesaleX
Setting Wholesale Discount with WholesaleX

5. Now click save, and enable the Toggle bar to Activate the discount.

Saving and Enabling Rules for Wholesale Discount
Saving and Enabling Rules for Wholesale Discount

And you’re done with setting up Wholesale Prices.


Finally, we’ve concluded our guide on how to set wholesale prices in WooCommerce. We also covered five approaches that allow you to fine-tune pricing by user roles, tiers, categories, and global and specific products. We hope you found this article helpful in understanding how to set B2B WooCommerce wholesale prices.

Best wishes for your future endeavors.

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