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How to Set WooCommerce Category Discount with WholesaleX

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How to Set WooCommerce Category Discount with WholesaleX

Are you trying to find options to set WooCommerce category discounts for your store?

One common strategy for boosting sales in your WooCommerce store is to provide discounts based on the product category.

WooCommerce doesn’t have any built-in features for creating discount rules. To set up category-specific sales in WooCommerce, we’ll be using the WholesaleX plugin. It has several options for configuring price reductions depending on factors, including cart total, category, user role, and product.

Offering WooCommerce category discounts might be a useful strategy for driving sales. But for many users, it presents a significant challenge. WholesaleX WooCommerce B2B solution, on the other hand, makes the process very simple.

This article will show you the easiest way to create a WooCommerce category discount. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Add WooCommerce Category Discount?

When used properly, the category discount can be an extremely effective method for boosting sales in your WooCommerce store. All items in a specific category can be discounted using category discounts. Offering customers discounts is a great way to get them to purchase from your business.

Create a new category for discounted items when you have enough of them to warrant price cuts. For example, you might give discounts on your seasonal clothing during the Christmas Festival if you own a clothing store. Make a special “Christmas Sales” section for clothing and apply a general price reduction across the category.

A similar strategy can be used with discounted products. The end result is an increase in sales and revenue.

How to Set WooCommerce Category Discounts

Now, let’s show you the process of setting up WooCommerce category discounts. We will show you multiple ways of setting it up. So, let’s not waste any time and get into it.

Installing WholesaleX

First, you must install WholesaleX to set up different discounts, including user role-based pricing.

  • Go to the “Plugins” section on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Then click on “Add New.”
  • On the right search panel, type “WholesaleX.”
  • You should now see the WholesaleX plugin.
  • Click on “Install.”
  • Then you can click on the highlighted “Activate” button.
Installing WholesaleX
Installing WholesaleX

Once the activation process is done, you can start using WholesaleX and all of its features. 

Setting WooCommerce Category Discounts from Dynamic Rules

WholesaleX has multiple amazing features like Dynamic Rules and more. Today we will take advantage of the dynamic rules feature to set up the WooCommerce category discount.

To do that:

Step 1: Go to WholesaleX Dynamic Rules

First, you need to go to WholesaleX→Dynamic Rules.

WholesaleX Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Dynamic Rules

This is the most comprehensive feature of WholesaleX. You can do more than just set up the category discount.

Step 2: Create a Dynamic Rule

Now you need to create a rule for your category discounts.

Click the “Create Dynamic Rule” button to create a new rule.

WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules
WholesaleX Creating Dynamic Rules

The created rule will be named the “untitled rule.” You can change it once you expand the rule bar.

Step 3: Select Rule Type

Now you have to select the rule type. We will pick the “product discount” option from the dropdown for the category discount.

WholesaleX Rule Type Selection
WholesaleX Rule Type Selection

Why did we select the “product discount” and not the other ones, you might ask? Because you have to give discounts on products of certain categories, and that’s the exact reason for choosing this option.

Step 4: Select User/Role

Now you have to choose your targeted audience to which you want to give this discount. With WholesaleX, you can create user roles easily

So from the dropdown menu, you have to choose “All Users” if you want to give discounts to all your customers. 

WholesaleX User Role Selection
WholesaleX User Role Selection

Also, you can choose specific users to give these discounts for certain customers and All roles/specific roles to give role-based discounts. However, these options are not suitable in this scenario.

Step 5: Product Filter

Now you need to filter the products to which you want to give this discount.

We are setting WooCommerce category discounts, so we have to select the “Categories in list” or “Categories not in list.”

WholesaleX Product Filter
WholesaleX Product Filter

Suppose you have lots of categories. Now, if you want to give a discount on certain categories, you should choose “Categories in list.” And if you want to give a discount on most products but exclude a few of them, you have to select “Categories not in list.”

Step 6: Select Product Categories

Now you have to select the product categories.

So, pick your selection in the “Select Multiple Categories” box.

WholesaleX Selecting Product Categories
WholesaleX Selecting Product Categories

Whether you choose the “Categories in list” or “Categories not in list, ” you must add categories in this box. Otherwise, the discounts won’t work properly, and you definitely don’t want that.

Step 7: Manage Discount

Now comes the most important part, managing the discounts.

First, select your “discount type.”

WholesaleX lets you pick “Percentage / Amount / Fixed Price” discounts.

Now, type the discount amount in the “Amount” box.

WholesaleX Managing Discounts
WholesaleX Managing Discounts

Well, this is inevitable because no matter the discount type you choose earlier, you need to specify the amounts of it.

Also, you can name your discount, which is optional though.

WholesaleX also has the “Date and Limit Rule” if you want to run your WooCommerce category discounts for a certain time period.

And once you’re done with them, “Save” the rule, and you’ve successfully set up the WooCommerce category discounts.

Setting WooCommerce Category Discounts from WordPress Category Editor

WholesaleX lets you set WooCommerce discounts directly from the default WordPress category.

Step 1: Go to Default WordPress Category Editor

So, it’s another easy process if you want to give a category discount on a specific category.

First, you need to go to the WordPress Dashboard → Products → Categories.

WordPress Product Category Editor
WordPress Product Category Editor

You’ll see all the categories you have created for your store here.

Step 2: Select and Edit the Category

Select your desired category to set a discount, and click “Edit” on that category.

Editing Category
Editing Category

Step 3: Set WooCommerce Category Discount

On this editing page, you’ll have all the default editing options of WordPress. However, WholesaleX adds some options on this page.

So, to set up this discount, scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the “WholesaleX B2B Pricing” option, you’ll see B2B users. Expand it to set up a discount.

All you need to select here is “Discount Type” and “B2B Users Price.” 

Setting Discount from Category Editor
Setting Discount from Category Editor

Once you’re done with that, click the “Update” button, and you’re done setting up the WooCommerce category discount for this product category.


A limited-time discount marketing strategy can significantly increase revenue if a product category sells well. But only use discounts on top of your wholesale rates, or you’ll end up undercutting your wholesale customers. With WholesaleX, it’s easy to maintain your discounts and set them. So, start using WholesaleX to set WooCommerce category discounts and enjoy boundless revenues.

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