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How to Add WooCommerce Product Carousel

  • By: Ruhul
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How to Add WooCommerce Product Carousel

Every eCommerce organization must maintain consumer engagement and retain visitors to its website. The WooCommerce product carousel allows you to build a product carousel without any code and enhance your visitors’ user experience.

A WooCommerce product carousel or slider is the simplest method to display all of your items and services on your website. It’s a terrific approach to keep your site visitors interested while allowing them to effortlessly navigate a large number of goods on your eCommerce website.

In this article, we will learn how to add a WooCommerce product carousel in your store using ProductX.

What is a Product Carousel?

The product carousel, often known as a product slider, is a slideshow that allows website users to browse through and see photographs of products and data about those products. Product carousels make it easier to navigate your online business, highlight goods that are similar to one another, and enable you to display many items at the same time.

Why Use A WooCommerce Product Carousel Plugin

The primary purposes of a product carousel for a WooCommerce website are to offer two fundamental features. Using a product carousel allows you to familiarize your consumers with all the highlighted items available in your business. Your consumers will find it much simpler and easier to navigate this list of featured items thanks to adding a product carousel, which brings this whole process to a head.

Consequently, when you use the finest WooCommerce product carousel plugins, you have access to additional capabilities that assist you in enhancing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of your business.

For instance, the carousels are equipped with robust design and customization possibilities to capture the customers’ attention. On top of that, you make it possible for users to simply navigate the list by attaching navigation controls and setting the carousels so that they run automatically.

With this in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top WooCommerce product carousel plugins, each of which comes with a wide variety of cutting-edge features. This will assist you in creating an appealing and efficient product carousel, which will boost the number of impressions as well as the number of conversions.

WordPress, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and ProductX

Everyone knows what WordPress is and what it does. But for those who don’t know, WordPress is an open-source CMS built on PHP.

Recently, WordPress added a brand new editor called Gutenberg. How you make content for your website will change a lot.

It made it easy for beginners to make content. Help you see your content from the front end. Get rid of shortcodes from the process of making content. Make your content stand out by adding personalized touches.

A free and open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress can be found under the name WooCommerce. It caters to online retailers of all sizes using WordPress as its platform.

To get along with the Gutenberg editor, WooCommerce brings WooCommerce blocks that offer a range of Gutenberg blocks you can use to build and customize your site. However, it’s not as customizable as it claims to be. And that’s where ProductX comes in. 

ProductX is a WooCommerce plugin that allows users to quickly and easily create aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind product grids, product lists, product carousels, category lists, product sliders, and much more.

How to Add WooCommerce Product Carousel

So, here we are on adding a Woocommerce product carousel. With ProductX, you can easily create and customize a WooCommerce product carousel.

To create a WooCommerce product carousel, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

1. First, install ProductX. Seems obvious, duh.

Install ProductX
Install ProductX

2. Then from the WordPress dashboard, go to Pages.

ProductX Add New Pages
ProductX Add New Pages

3. Create a new page by clicking add new, or select an existing page if you already have one.

Selecting Product Blocks
Selecting Product Blocks

4. Select Product List/Grid/Category blocks.

5. From the right sidebar, go to settings, and select Slide View from product view.

Select Slide View
Select Slide View

6. You can customize all the settings from the settings tab.

7. You can also import premade designs from the Designs tab.

8. However, you can also use the same method to add a product carousel from the builder.

WooCommerce Product Carousel
WooCommerce Product Carousel

And you have successfully added a WooCommerce product carousel. Yes, it is that easy to do it with ProductX.

You can also check out our blogs where we discussed adding featured products in WooCommerce.


While WooCommerce has some options to maintain your store, its claims often fail to deliver correctly. That’s why you need to use multiple plugins to make your store the way you want it to be. But ProductX has the customizability to adapt what you can imagine. So, don’t get baffled and start using ProductX now. Best of Luck!

You can check out WordPress video tutorials on our YouTube Channel. Also, find us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates!

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