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How To Add Featured Products in WooCommerce

How To Add Featured Products in WooCommerce

Are you interested in adding featured products to your store? Then, you’ve found the right place. This post will demonstrate several approaches for setting and displaying featured products in WooCommerce.

These are products that you want to feature in your online shop. Typically, retailers feature certain products because they are the most popular, have higher profit margins, etc. However, WooCommerce enables you to effortlessly show featured products, regardless of the reason you want to emphasize particular items.

But before we explore how to do so, let’s consider why these things should be displayed first.

What are Featured Products?

With Featured Products, you can choose products in your WooCommerce store to promote for consumers on the site. This might be for various reasons, such as increasing sales of a particular item or showcasing a unique service or product for your consumers.

You can make any product a ‘Featured Product’ by choosing the star symbol next to the item you desire to showcase.

Why should You Display Featured Products?

Featured products are commodities you want to promote in your WooCommerce shop. For example, these are your most popular or trending items, brand-new products, or sponsored products you want to highlight in particular.

These featured products can be advertised anywhere on your website. You can add them, for instance, to the home page , blogs, articles, store pages, cart page and widgets area. By highlighting these items, you enhance their visibility and sales.

Therefore, properly implemented featured items in WooCommerce can improve the following aspects:

It is a fantastic marketing approach that also has the potential to enhance your revenue. It’ll increase the exposure of your products on your website in a flash. It enables you to execute many marketing initiatives simultaneously. Also, it boosts the total amount of revenue you make from sales.

Therefore, there are several circumstances in which you may wish to add featured products to your WooCommerce store.

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Which Products to Add as Featured?

Before we add featured items to your WooCommerce website, we’ll first explore how featured products can be used.

You can add multiple products to the featured products section. The first section is where you will display your best-selling products. Next, you can add the unique products in your business to the featured products section.

There are usually a few products in your shop that stand out from the others. As a result, they can serve as your featured product and be shown to your audience.

This will not only make the product more visible to customers, but it will also aid them in discovering new items. You can do data analysis and add featured products appropriately. The third and last alternative is to rotate featured products weekly or monthly.

This will also provide your users with a unique shopping experience. Every week, all of your customers can search for the featured products. Then, they can purchase your stuff after seeing it. This will result in increased sales. It’s the equivalent of promoting your product without advertising.

How to Add Featured Products in WooCommerce

Now that we explained featured products, let’s learn how to add them to WooCommerce.

Adding Featured Products

  1. Editing the Product Page

The easiest method for adding featured products is to modify the product page. Additionally, you can create a new product and mark it as featured.

Go to WooCommerce → Products → Add New from your dashboard to add a new product. To edit an existing product, go to Products → All Products. 

Then, click Edit next to the product you want to feature. You can also search for a particular product using the screen’s upper-right corner search box.

You will see the option to make your product catalog visible in the right sidebar. To modify the visible choices:

  • Press Edit.
  • Just mark “This is a featured product” and press OK.
  • If it’s a new product, include all the required information and publish it.
  1. Using the Quick Edit

You can also set featured products using the fast edit options in WooCommerce. This procedure is significantly quicker and can be helpful when modifying some basic product details.

Go to Products → All Products, locate the product you want to showcase, and select Quick Edit.

You’ll be able to modify all of the essential information and settings. Select the Featured option and click Update.

That’s just one way; let’s look at another one.

  1. Set from All Product Page

Products can also be set from the All Products page. This is the simplest approach for adding featured status to an existing product without modifying anything else.

Go to Products → All products, locate the product you want to showcase, and click the Star symbol.

The star signifies the ability to highlight items. Therefore when the icon is highlighted, that product is featured.

Click the symbol once again to remove it from the featured products list.

If the featured column is not visible on the All Products page, ensure that the option to show it has been activated. You can check this by selecting Display Options in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Check the Featured section next. Also, you can activate or deactivate columns and adjust the number of items shown on each page. Finally, after making all desired adjustments, press Apply.

Now that you understand how to configure featured products in WooCommerce, let’s look at how to show them in your shop.

Displaying Featured Products

After setting the featured products, it is important to show them. 

There are several methods to showcase products. 

The most effective options are:

  • In a widget
  • Using shortcodes
  • With the Featured Product block
  • With plugins

Display Featured Product with Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg blocks are an innovative approach to highlight featured products in a post or page. The good news is that neither plugins nor shortcodes are required. If you use Gutenberg, WooCommerce gives you this option by default.

After establishing the featured goods in WooCommerce, you can add them to a page by navigating to Pages → All Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

To add featured products to a particular page, navigate to Pages → Add New or Posts → Add New, as applicable.

Now, click the “+” symbol to add a block. Then, add the “Featured Product” block to the page or post by searching for it.

Find and pick the featured product you want to show, then click the Done button.

Note that you can only show a single featured product at a time, so you must add as many blocks as you like to add featured products.

Click Update after you have added or modified the required information for the page or posts.

You can see the featured products on your page by navigating your website’s front end.

Display Featured Products in a Widgets

Your store’s featured products can be displayed as widgets. In addition, you can use WooCommerce’s default product widget to show items in any widget area on your website.

After configuring the featured products for your WooCommerce shop, navigate to Appearance → Customize. Next, you will be sent to the Theme Customizer page.

Alternatively, you can add featured products as widgets through Appearance → Widgets. However, we encourage using the customizer since it provides a live preview.

When you access the Widgets tab in the Customizer, you will see all the widget locations available for your shop. First, select the widget area where you want to show the featured goods, and then click Add a Widget.

For the sake of this tutorial, the featured products will be added to the sidebar. However, you are free to utilize whatever widget sections you choose.

Then, look for and add the “Products” widget.

The Product widget provides several choices for displaying your items. Choose Featured Products for the option Show.

Additionally, you can choose the number of featured products to display with their order. Set their preferences and hit the Done button. Click the Publish button to make the changes.

Then, go to the front end of your shop to see how the featured products are presented in the widget section of your website. Note that they will display on every page of your online store with a widget area.

Display Featured Products using Plugins

If the aforementioned alternatives are insufficient for your purposes, you can show featured products using a plugin.

There are other tools available. However, for this article, we will use the ProductX plugin.

Install and Activate the Plugin

Before you can use the plugin, you must install and activate it. Visit Plugins → Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for the plugin. Click Install Now, followed by activation.

Showcase Featured Products on Home Page

  • First, you need to go to Pages from the WordPress dashboard. 
  • Edit your Home page or Create a new Home page.
Home Page Edit
Home Page Edit
  • Select a Product Grid using the ‘+’ icon.
Selecting Product Grid
Selecting Product Grid
  • Go to settings on the right sidebar.
Product Grid Setting
Product Grid Setting
  • From the General settings, turn on Show Hot (Featured).
Showing Featured
Showing Featured
  • Scroll down to the Query setting.
Sorting Featured Products from Query
Sorting Featured Products from Query
  • Now you can select ‘Featured’ from the Product Status dropdown menu to show all ‘Featured Products’ in a single section.

There’s another way to do that. Suppose you don’t want to show some particular products but also to showcase other ones like Popular, Top sale, or Newest Arrival, etc., in a single section. In that case, you can also use ProductX to showcase all of them. 

To do that:

  • First, go to Filter settings.
  • Then select ‘Featured’ from the Action Filter setting. (You can choose multiple settings alongside Featured).
Sorting Featured Products from Filter
Sorting Featured Products from Filter
  • If you created a new page, click publish. And if you are editing an existing page, click Update.
Display Featured Products on Home Page
Display Featured Products on Home Page

And voila, Featured Products are now showing on your home page.

Highlight Featured Products on Shop Page

You can’t show your featured products on your shop page by default. And that’s where this fantastic Gutenberg blocks-based plugin ProductX comes in.

To show it on the shop page:

  • Select ProductX on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Then go to ProductX → Builder.
Shop Page Settings
Shop Page Settings
  • Edit your Shop page or Create a new Shop Page.
  • To create a new Shop Page, click Add new.
  • Name your Shop page, and select ‘shop’ from the template type.
Create a new WooCommerce shop page template
Create a new WooCommerce shop page template
  • Hit ‘Create Template.’ And again, click ‘Save and Edit Template.’
  • Now, select a Product Grid using the ‘+’ icon.
Product Grid for Shop Page
Product Grid for Shop Page
  • Go to settings on the right sidebar.
  • From the General settings, turn on Show Hot (Featured).
  • Scroll down to the Filter setting.
  • Then select ‘Featured’ from the Action Filter setting. (You can choose multiple settings alongside Featured).
Featured Products from Filter
Featured Products from Filter
  • If you created a new page, click publish. And if you are editing an existing page, click Update.
Display Featured Products on Shop Page
Display Featured Products on Shop Page

And, you’re done here. Now, your featured products will be shown on the shop page.

Display Featured Products on Sidebar Widget

And, here comes the last part of showcasing featured products. 

  • From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance → Widgets.
Widget Settings
Widget Settings
  • Select the sidebar.
  • Now, select a Product Grid using the ‘+’ icon.
Selecting Grid for Widgets
Selecting Grid for Widgets
  • Go to settings on the right sidebar.
  • From the General settings, turn on Show Hot (Featured).
  • Scroll down to the Filter setting.
  • Then select ‘Featured’ from the Action Filter setting.
  • Hit Update.
Display Featured Products on Sidebar
Display Featured Products on Sidebar

And simple and easy. You’re done, alright.

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It is possible to enhance revenue and sales by selecting the proper featured products. This article instructs us on how to use WooCommerce’s featured products feature.

As a result, shoppers who click on a featured product will be redirected to the item’s product page. That’s why it’s so important to have a high-quality product page.

We hope you can now quickly implement the extraordinary feature in your WooCommerce shop. Best of Luck!

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