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ProductX Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Using a grid layout inside the landing page is a common practice. Complete control of these blocks will enable you to create a stunning and beautiful grid section in minutes.
  • Premade Starter Packs
  • Ready-made Blocks Design
  • Rich Blocks Options
  • Flexible Customization Options

What makes
it a more powerful WooCommerce  Blocks

Preset Blocks Design

WooCommerce Query Builder

Ajax Powered Product Fliter

Pagination and Loadmore

Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce

The Best WordPress WooCommerce  Gutenberg  Blocks

Product blocks is a Gutenberg product block for WooCommerce, very useful for product listing, product grid, and product slider.

Build An Entire  Page  With A Single Click Using Pre-made Layout

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Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce Starter Packs

Core Features

Query Builder

WooCommerce Query Builder

You can display your products in a custom query using Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce. It will help you to display your WooCommerce products in different criteria. Number of posts, Category, Tag, Order By, Order, Exclude, Offset are now applicable from the blocks settings panel.
  • Taxonomy
  • Status & Order by Price
  • Include & Exclude

WooCommerce Product Slider

Now with most of our blocks, you can easily display your products simultaneously in a grid and a slide view. So creating a carousel and beautiful grid is now way much easier with an identical design. Slide View comes with all necessary carousels settings.
  • Positioning Elements
  • Dynamic Carousel
  • Carousel Control Settings
Product Slider
Product Filter

Filter in Product Category

Using filters you can display many products at a time in less space. Users can see their product category by clicking on it. AJAX powered filter can show products without reloading the entire page of the site.
  • AJAX Powered
  • Filter Category
  • Filter Tag

WooCommerce Pagination, Load More and Next Previous

Pagination, Load More, Next, Previous are the common elements for the post lists and post grids. Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce comes with the AJAX powered system, that’s why contents can be loaded without loading an entire page. And only a certain part of the block is loaded, replacing the previous content.
  • Load More without Reloading Page
  • Pagination without Reloading Page
  • Next Previous without Reloading Page
Products Pagination

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Reviews & Testimonials

The plugin is just awesome!! Thank you for such wonderful blocks plugin for WooCommerce. This is one of the my favorite Blocks plugins.

@laursen299 – A needed extension for WooCommerce

I would not go without it. Highly recommended plugins out there.

@sajib2seo – Excellent WooCommerce extension