PostX Reached 40K Active Installations: Join Us for the Celebration with 40% Discounts

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postx 40k installations

Ready Up! It is time for a celebration. 

Your favorite Gutenberg dynamic site builder, PostX, has reached a new milestone of 40K+ installations

postx 40k users

Since the launch of PostX, your love, support, and feedback have given us the initiative to make our product better and reach new heights.

So, this is not just our achievement, you made this possible. And you deserve a treat for this as well. 

To celebrate this moment, we are sending you a gift of a Flat 40% discount for a limited time. So, don’t miss the opportunity to continue with us on this amazing journey.

How PostX Built A Family of 40K 

Our journey to 40K has been nothing short of a learning experience. We learned from the challenges we faced and we learned from your feedback. 

But we had one mission from the beginning: We didn’t want to become another Gutenberg site builder. 

Our goal was different from others and also, simpler at the same time. We wanted to provide a solution that would allow users to build dynamic and beautiful websites with minimum effort and coding knowledge involved. 

So that it would be possible to create News Magazines and Blogging type of sites without spending hours.  

And here we are. Today we are empowering the website creation process for over 40K users who also contributed to the massive number of 1,448,076 downloads for PostX

Along with our own journey, we also care about our user’s journey. So, if a specific feature can supercharge user experience, we make it happen. 

For example, one long-requested feature was the ability to manage freelance writers easily from the front end. We made it possible

Also, users from other popular website builders such as Elementor, wanted to use several features from PostX. We heard their calling and answered.

New & Improved Features You’ll Love

During the journey of reaching 40K, we worked hard to enrich existing features and introduce new ones to give our users unmatched efficiency in terms of creating websites. 

Here are some of the most notable new and improved features you will love:

List Block

WordPress Bullet Points

Give your lists of items a unique look and presentation with our enhanced list block. You can choose from a wide range of premade patterns. Also, you can customize aspects such as layout, color, spacing, images, and so on. 

Giving your bullet points a visually appealing look has become easier than ever. 

Button Block

WordPress Buttons

If you are tired of generic button blocks, PostX is here to save you. With PostX’s improved button block, you can customize every little detail with ease. Choose your preferred size, color, text, background, style, icon, and much more. 

Increase the engagement on your pages and posts with the help of the PostX button block today!

Search Block

Introducing PostX Advanced Search Block

Adding a search block enhances the page experience for a user. And PostX made this super easy. You can import predefined patterns with one click or you can customize each aspect as you want. Fine-tune the search button, search form, and search results as you like. 

Row / Column Block

New PostX Row Column Block to Show Your Contents Perfectly

Create a beautiful layout for your pages without scratching your head using the PostX row/column block. Easily set the layout and then customize it further with unique colors, shapes, spacing, and backgrounds. 

ChatGPT Integration

Introducing PostX ChatGPT Addon The WordPress AI Content Generator

Wish that you could directly leverage the power of AI in your own site? Well, PostX got you covered. Now, you can easily integrate your ChatGPT account with your site using the ChatGPT addon from PostX. 

Create blog posts, essays, stories, or anything you wish in just a few clicks with this addon. 

Header Footer Builder

How to Customize Header and Footer Designs

Apart from the main content of your site, the header and footer sections also require your attention. A great-looking header or footer can enhance the appearance and navigation of your website. 

Luckily, using the dynamic site builder from PostX, you can fully customize the designs of headers and footers in a short time. Also, you can take advantage of the existing and growing collection of templates to quickly get started.

Custom Fonts

WordPress Custom Fonts

You have customized every part of your website but suddenly realized the font is ruining the vibe. PostX has the ultimate solution for this. With the Custom Fonts addon, you can take full control over the typography of your website.

Easily upload the custom font you like and choose your preferred font file type, font-weight, and font variation. 

NEW: Front End Post Submission

Introducing the Front End Post Submission Addon

Manage your freelance writers like a pro by using the Front End Post Submission addon from PostX. No longer, do you need to worry about the mismanagement of writers for your blogs. Now writers can submit and site owners can review content with ease. 

Also, you can manage guest posts on your sites effortlessly with the help of this addon. 

Trending: Gaming Template

Designing a Gaming blog with the Gaming Template 2

Always wanted to share your passion for gaming through a blog website? Now is the time to turn that dream into a reality. 

PostX has launched a new gaming template that you can use to publish a gaming blog with just a few clicks. See it in action here.

Trending: News Template

wordpress news template

Launching a News website has become one step easier with the latest news template from PostX. 

You get all the premade blocks needed to showcase recent news, trending news, top posts, and more with this template. Try the demo here

Trending: Fashion Template

fashion layout

Want to share tips and thoughts regarding the fashion world? The new fashion template comes with the necessary blocks along with all the bells and whistles. 

You easily get the user’s attention with an eye-catchy layout and as a result, increase engagement. Give it a try here

Our Core Value: Providing Top-Notch Support

Here at WPXPO, we have always prioritized how to improve the overall experience for our users. And we believe the most effective way to ensure that is to provide continued support for every step of the way of a user’s journey. 

Whether you are an existing customer or looking to purchase a product, the support team strives to solve your issues as soon as possible. 

Also, we believe in providing equal support for both pro and free users. We ensure that our free users get all their queries answered and problems solved. 

For this reason, we have an active Support Forum on, where we answer all of your questions regardless of the plan you are using. 

Let’s see what our users have been saying about the top-notch support and amazing features of PostX:

postx support review

Also, many influencers and creators have shared their experiences of using PostX. Here’s what they had to say: 

saas master

“PostX gives the flexibility to build News Magazine websites faster and better.”

SaaS Master
wp tuts

“PostX allows me to get a lot more creative with my post layouts for blogs, archives, and much more.”

mr web

“All you need is one single plugin, PostX to build any type of professional Magazine website.”

Mr Web

If you have been on the fence about joining the PostX family, now is the right time to do so.

PostX is boasting exciting new features and you get all the power at up to 50% discount on all purchases. The offer is active for a limited time, so hurry up!

What’s Upcoming?

So, what’s next for PostX? We are glad you asked!

We are continuously working to improve our plugins and PostX has some amazing features you should be excited for:

  • Advanced Search & Filter
  • Custom Meta (ACF) Support

Wait! That’s all? Not really. We have been developing something special for you!

something magical

Are you ready to experience a major shift in the way you build websites? We’re thrilled to announce a transformative update coming soon to PostX.

What Can You Expect?

  • A new effortless way to create website creation
  • Greatly improved user experience
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros

To get more exclusive sneak peeks and recent updates, join us on our Facebook Group. Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations with the PostX community.

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