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Are you looking for the best free news magazine WordPress theme? Then we have the right answer for you? 

We know, it can be a challenge to quickly set up a news magazine theme just the way you want it. 

Sometimes with free news magazine WordPress themes, you may not get the right customization options. And sometimes, there’s a lack of functionality among the customizable options. Also, some WordPress themes are just too barebones, with other customization options available only in the Pro Version of the theme. 

Well, Newseqo has the solution to all these problems. It’s not too barebones, you pretty much have all the necessary options to get started with your news blog. Also, the customization options are enough to get your online magazine up and running. 

We will now give you a full overview of the customizable features of this free news magazine WordPress Theme. 

Newseqo WordPress Theme

Variations of Newseqo: The Best Free News Magazine Theme

You will not find too many free wordpress magazine themes out there with so many page variations. 

Newseqo page variations
Newseqo: The Free News Magazine WordPress Theme Page Variations

With the free version of Newseqo, you’re getting: 

  • 2-homepage variations 
  • 2-header variations 
  • 1-layout variation

All you have to do is import these variations to your WordPress site. Once imported, these page and header variations will be ready to go. 

But Newseqo does have a Pro version as well. With it, you are getting: 

  • A total of 5 homepage variations 
  • Total 5 header variations 
  • 2 total layout variations 

The process of using the pro page variations and headers is the same. Once imported, they are ready to use. 

Newseqo Demo
Newseqo: Free News Magazine WordPress Theme Preview

Speaking of a WordPress news site, one cool thing about the Newseqo theme is that you get 6-premade news blocks with the free version. And if you opt for the Pro version, then you’ll get more than 15 news block variations.

Support for Elementor and ElementsKit 

The Newseqo news magazine theme features excellent support for Elementor. 

It means you have full support for the industry-leading WordPress builder plugin to create custom sections for your WordPress site. You can either use the premade layouts, or you can use your creativity to design custom news magazine sections on your site. 

Both the free and the pro versions of the Newseqo theme have support for the elementor plugin. 

However, if you want more functionality, then going with the pro version unlocks support for the ElementsKit builder

With the ElementsKit header and footer builder, you can make custom header and footer designs for your website. Also, the ElementsKit Megamenu builder allows you to create custom menus and design them to your heart’s content.  

In a nutshell, going the Newseqo WordPress new site theme offers support for the popular Elementor WordPress Plugin. However, with the Pro version, you have more room to show your creativity. 

Other Important Features of the Newseqo WordPress Magazine Theme

Other important features of the Newseqo theme include:

Key features of Newseqo
Newseqo: Key Features

RTL Langauge Support

Both the free and premium options of the newseqo theme feature the RTL language support. This feature allows users to have a more seamless experience with your site. For this reason, we are calling it one of the best free news magazine WordPress theme options.

Top and Bottom Bar Support 

With Newseqo, you can easily customize your top and bottom bar with the necessary information. You can work with the top and bottom bar widgets to offer more to your readers. 

1-Click Demo Import 

The Newseqo is one of the best WordPress news theme options because of this feature. All you have to do is click on the demo and it’s imported to your site. Both the pro and free versions of Newseqo support this feature. 

Custom Logo Implementation 

You can use your custom logo with the Newseqo theme (we know, you don’t get the option to do so with many other free WordPress themes!). This feature makes it a clear contender in the running for the best free news magazine WordPress theme. 

Shoutout to PostX: The Free Gutenberg Blocks Builder 

The Newseqo WordPress Magazine theme features proper support with the PostX WordPress blocks builder.  

PostX Blocks Plugin

The PostX Gutenberg blocks builder is a unique post blocks designer with all the essential features to get you running with your WordPress site quickly. Among some of the essential features, you get: 

The Query Builder 

With the query builder, you can showcase your news posts to a particular audience. You can set the posts with custom queries in the post blocks and place them strategically for your audience to read. 

You don’t just segment your posts with the query builder, you can also set the order of your posts according to specific criteria. 

AJAX Pagination 

As we are calling Newseqo the best free news magazine wordpress theme, it needs the way to move from one page to the other. 

The AJAX pagination feature of PostX takes care of this. You can add customizable pagination features to custom post blocks. This way, it becomes more engaging to the users. 

Post Filtering 

The post-filtering feature of PostX allows you to filter posts based on categories, tags, and more. With this feature, you can target specific readers on your site and offer them relevant content. 

Archive Builder 

The archive builder is a brand new feature of PostX that supports the Newseqo theme. With the PostX archive builder, there’s plenty you can do. 

PostX Archive Builder

For starters, you can design archive pages based on your needs and specifications. You have several options to choose from to build specific archive pages. Also, you can narrow your preferences and build custom archive pages for your contributors as well. 

Is Newseqo the Best Free News Magazine Theme 

From a usability standpoint, the Newseqo theme checks all the boxes to be the best free news magazine WordPress theme. For a free theme, you are getting a decent number of customizable features. 

As for the 3rd party plugin support, you can easily use it with other 3rd party plugins like Elementor and PostX. Both of these plugins are very powerful and have excellent support for Newseqo. 

And you have some core features which are not available in other competing WordPress themes. 

So, as a whole, Newseqo is certainly a worthy option to build your next news magazine WordPress site. As always, we are open to your thoughts and suggestions. Do leave your comments down below. 

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