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The PostX WordPress Query Builder 2021 [Inner Workings]


The PostX WordPress Query Builder packs a lot of essential features in a single package. 

That’s more of an empty statement unless we don’t explain those features and their benefits. 

So, is the PostX WordPress Blocks Plugin worth it? Is it capable of creating a magazine WordPress blog in minutes

We are here today to answer these questions! Not only will we break down the features of the wonderful PostX blocks plugin, but we will also share important tips on how you can use them. 

By the end, you’ll probably have enough knowledge to build your personal WordPress blog with a couple of clicks. 

But before we jump into the inner workings of the PostX blocks plugin, let’s shed some light on the WordPress block editor. 

PostX WordPress Query Builder

Gutenberg: The WordPress Blocks Editor 

WordPress introduced the Gutenberg block editor a while back. The WordPress blocks editor has the basic building blocks like the image, text, videos, etc. For a beginner, these blocks work just fine. You can be up and running with a functional website quickly and easily. 

But what if you wanted function and beauty at the same time. 

Well, in that case, a WordPress blocks plugin is the best answer.  In general, custom plugins have a lot of decent blocks which have extensive customizability. And these blocks often feature better fluidity than the built-in WordPress blocks editor. 

And the PostX Gutenberg blocks plugin does exactly that! 

The PostX blocks plugin merges itself seamlessly with the Gutenberg block editor. This results in seamless customization while maintaining the form of the blocks. 

And we did mention earlier, custom WordPress block builders feature extra customization options baked right into them. 

And with PostX, you get a custom query builder. This query builder offers a highly usable interface that allows the users to personify the posts a user sees and interacts with. 

But, in order to work with the PostX WordPress Query Builder, first of all, you need to have a basic template of sorts. 

Fortunately, PostX comes with a lot of ready-made blocks and starter packs for you to use. For now, we will choose a basic template. 

Choosing a PostX Block/Layout: Quick Note 

Assuming you already have the PostX blocks builder installed on your WordPress site, we will move on to the part where you import a ready template. 

***But if you don’t have it installed, then you can take a quick peek at our extensive guide and see how to install the PostX WordPress Plugin. 

Importing a PostX ready-made block/starter pack is very straightforward. All you have to do is create a new page or go to an existing WordPress page. Then: 

PostX Blocks Library
The PostX Ready Blocks Library

Once you’re done importing the design, you’d want to select it and look on the right. There you will see the settings pane. Here, you can access the WordPress Query Builder of PostX. 

The PostX WordPress Query Builder 2021 [Inner Workings] 1
General Blocks Plugin Overview

POSTX WordPress Query Builder: Working with the Options

As mentioned earlier, the PostX Quick Query builder is a powerful tool to showcase particular posts to your audience. But in order to make take advantage of all the features, you need to know how they work. 

Query Builder Settings
Query Builder Settings

So pay attention! We will now talk about each individual feature to help you with the PostX blocks plugin.

Quick Query

To work with the pro feature, you’ll need a professional license. In short, it’s a pro feature of the PostX query builder. 

And it’s worth it! 

With the quick query feature, you can easily show posts with the popularity criteria. Also, you can show your posts based on the date and alphabetical order. 

One of the nice things about the query builder is that it has various custom options to choose from all your posts. You can show posts not only by popularity but there are custom options to pinpoint the post popularity (how popular it is) as well. 

Quick Query
Quick Query

You can do the same with comments as well. You can choose particular posts with a particular number of comments and showcase them to the readers

Other basic options include showing posts based on their alphabetical order, date, and the freshness of the post (older/newer posts). There are custom options for random posts as well. 

So, to sum it all up, you can showcase your posts based on: 

As you can see, the quick query feature offers a lot of options for you to work with. So, considering this pro feature may prove to be beneficial in the future. 

Post Type

Not too many WordPress blocks plugin let you work with the post type. But PostX does!

With this feature, you are able to target particular content and show it to your audience. It’s as simple as choosing an option from the dropdown and calling it a day. 

Post type
Post Type

It’s a quick and useful feature anyone can use! 

Post Slider 

The Post Slider is an excellent feature of the PostX WordPress Query Builder. It gives you the liberty to show you how many posts you want to show in a particular block. 

You can do this in one of two ways: 

Post Slider
Post Slider

***Now there is one thing you need to keep in mind here. As there are different post blocks, the post slider functionality may differ from one another. This is true for all the pre-made PostX blocks. 

The Taxonomy Setting 

The Taxonomy setting needs two values:

Taxonomy Settings
Taxonomy Settings

The taxonomy type lets you target posts based on the post category, post tags, or other options. 

Once you’ve chosen the taxonomy type, you’ll need to choose the associated value. Once you do that, you will be able to show posts to your readers with particular tags or categories. 

And if you have any other taxonomy values, you can use the PostX taxonomy settings to categorize your posts. 

Post Order 

You can already choose quick query options to show your posts in order. 

But with the Post Order option, you can order your posts based on: 

Ordering posts
Ordering Posts

This feature is particularly useful for new users. You now have the option to easily order your posts without any hitch. 

There’s also an ‘Order Button’. It can order your posts either in an ascending order or a descending order. Again, all you need is to click on the ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ button and you’re done. 

Include/Exclude Post

If you wish to be more aggressive with your post showcase using the PostX WordPress Query Builder, then you can do so with the Include/Exclude post option. 

You can simply include a post in a post block using the particular post ID. You can use a comma to separate individual posts with their respective IDs. 

The functionality is the same with the Exclude Post feature. Separate the particular post IDs with commas. And those posts will not show up on the particular post block. 

Post Offset

Many may consider it as an optional feature. But this can come in handy in particular scenarios when you want your users to read particular posts. 

Post Offset
Post Offset

Again, the Post Offset feature comes with a slider feature. You can easily offset posts by number with the slider or write the number in the box.

Final Thoughts 

From the overall features of the PostX WordPress Query Builder, one thing is for certain: 

You will not find any particular plugin that offers so many excellent features all in one package. The PostX Query Builder itself is a powerful suite of tools. It’s completely capable of helping you create a magazine site in a jiffy. 

From a user standpoint, using the PostX Query Builder has been a real treat. It’s got all the features you need to showcase your posts in a customized manner. 

But the developer team is on a constant hunt to integrate new features into the query builder. So, if you have any suggestions, sound off in the comments below. 

But for now, Goodbye!

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