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How to Start a Gaming Blog – An Easy 8-Step Guide

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How to start a gaming blog

Are you a big fan of video games? Have you ever thought about sharing your gaming tips, experiences and thoughts with others? 

If yes, then starting a pc gaming blog might be the thing for you! Don’t worry if you’re new to this – we’ll guide you through the process of how to start a gaming blog!

  • First, you should focus on a domain name and then choose the right hosting platform
  • Next, choose a theme and set it up with the PostX Dynamic Site Builder
  • After that, create a sound content strategy for the gaming blog
  • Then start writing and publishing blog posts
  • Finally, add monetization and start earning

This is just the summary. We’ve explained every part with proper detail. So, keep reading this blog to learn more. 

How to Start a Gaming Blog?

We are in the main segment now. So, if you follow along, you will get proper insights and be on your way to creating the gaming world blog of your dreams.

Step 1: Choose a Specific Focus and Name for Your Gaming Blog

The first thing to decide is what you will talk about on your pc gaming blog. Your first focus should be naming the blog

Let’s break it down further…

Gaming is a big topic. So, you need to set your focus area on a specific thing. Having a clear focus makes it easier for you to connect with the right readers. 

The more specific your focus, the better you can stand out and attract people who are interested in exactly what you’re offering.

To figure out your focus area, you can ask yourself:

  • What kinds of games do you enjoy playing the most?
  • Are you focusing on one type of gaming console, like Xbox?
  • Do you want to share gaming tips to help experienced players or beginners?
  • Is there a certain group of gamers you’re trying to reach?
  • What kind of information or help do you want to provide? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your focus area, it’s time to give your blog a name.

Naming Your PC Gaming Blog

Choose a gaming blog name as the name is your online identity. The blog name should be catchy and give people an idea of what your blog is all about.

Your blog name should be clear to the audience. People need to understand the purpose of your blog.

If you’re having trouble thinking of a name, you can use a tool like Nameboy.

Nameboy is a website that helps you come up with blog names. Just type in some words related to your focus, and it will suggest potential names for your blog. It even checks if the domain name (the web address) is available, so you know if you can use that name for your blog.

Picking the right focus area and a catchy name for your pc gaming blog sets the foundation for your gaming blog’s success. So, take your time, get creative, and let your blog’s personality shine!

Step 2: Choose Your Blogging Platform

As you learn how to start a video game blog, the first thing to consider is the blogging platform you’ll use. There are many options out there, some free and some paid.

Starting a pc gaming blog with WordPress
Starting a pc gaming blog with WordPress

To begin, take a closer look at various blogging platforms and compare them based on the gaming blog ideas you’ve chosen. Your chosen gaming world blog ideas will determine the kind of content you’ll be sharing, so specific platforms might suit your needs better than others.

While many new bloggers start with free platforms it’s important to note that this might not be the best approach, especially if you’re aiming to grow your video game blog and eventually make money from it. Starting with a paid platform from the beginning can offer several advantages. Here we’re mentioning some –

  • With a paid platform, you’ve your URL and full control over how your site looks.
  • You can choose from many designs, colors, and tools for a pleasing blog.
  • With a paid platform you’ll get better support, including 24/7 help and custom CSS.
  • Paid platforms have extra security against hacking and threats.

Hopefully, you should now understand why a paid blogging platform is recommended. We would suggest WordPress to start your blog.

Step 3: Choose a WordPress Theme

Now that you have WordPress up and running, the next step is to select a theme for your blog. 

Theme activation for gaming blog
Theme activation for gaming blog

My recommendation is the GeneratePress WordPress theme. GeneratePress is a fantastic choice for gaming blogs because –  

  • It’s light, loads fast, and you can make it look just how you want.
  • You can change how GeneratePress looks, so your gaming blog can be as unique as you want it to be.
  • GeneratePress is free (Though there’s also a premium version)

So, now, how to install GeneratePress?

  1. To install it, navigate to your WordPress admin panel and click on “Appearance” and then “Themes”.
  2. Then, click on “Add New” and search for “GeneratePress”. Once you find it, go ahead and install it.
  3. Once the installation is complete, activate the theme. Now, you can begin personalizing your blog’s appearance by going to “Appearance” and then “Customize.”

Step 4: Essential WordPress Plugins

Now that you have your theme sorted out, it’s time to introduce some plugins to enhance your blog’s functionality. Plugins are like add-ons for WordPress, providing extra features that can improve your blog without additional costs.

Here are the plugins we recommend:

  1. PostX:  PostX is a versatile Gutenberg site builder plugin for WordPress websites. It helps bloggers make their posts look nice. You can easily arrange your content with drag-and-drop, create different layouts, and add cool stuff to your posts. It makes your blog posts interesting and attractive to readers. Simply put, it’s an all-in-one Gutenberg blogging solution.
  2. Rank Math: Rank Math is an SEO plugin that optimizes your blog to be more search engine-friendly. It helps generate a sitemap and allows you to fine-tune your URL structure, both of which are vital for improving your blog’s visibility on search engines like Google.
  3. WPRocket: WPRocket is an excellent caching plugin that enhances your blog’s loading speed. It stores copies of your blog’s content in your server’s memory (RAM), leading to faster loading times for your readers.
  4. ConvertKit: If you’re planning to market to your readers, ConvertKit is a specialized email marketing service designed for bloggers. It helps you gather email addresses from your blog visitors, enabling you to establish a connection with them over time and potentially offer products or services.

Remember, while plugins offer great benefits, it’s essential not to overdo it. Installing too many plugins can potentially slow down your blog’s performance.

Step 5: Set up Your Blog Site

Next, you’ll have to set up the blog site. You’ll find numerous options and the theme If you’re a coder you can personally code to set the appearance of the blog.

However, if you want a hassle-free set up then use PostX. PostX is offering numerous templates including a Gaming News template kit. Follow this guide and learn how to use PostX better to design your website.

Below we’re giving you some idea of how easy it is to set up a blog with PostX.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard and go to PostX from the menu bar and click on “Site Builder”.
  2. Here, you will find various pages to design. As we want to create a front page for our website, click on “Front Page”.
Add a front page template for your gaming blog using PostX site builder.
Add a front page template for your gaming blog using PostX site builder.
  1. Since we are looking to create a gaming-centric blog, we will choose the Gaming News Page Template. Then click import.
Importing the gaming news template
Importing the gaming news template

Your website is now ready. You can easily view the page of your website.

Here is a preview of it without editing:

Front-end preview of the finished pc gaming blog
Front-end blog preview with PostX

PostX comes with a lot of pre-made template kits that users can import and use with a few clicks. These patterns serve a wide variety of users. You can check them out in the following link:

Step 6: Plan Your Content Strategy

Now it’s time to prepare the content strategy. So, let’s talk about your content strategy –  basically, how you’re going to write and share your posts.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • How often will you write new posts?
  • How long will your posts be?
  • What kind of posts will you create? (like lists, guides, and reviews)
  • How will you tell people about your posts? (on social media, gaming forums, etc.)

Your content strategy is like a map that guides you, but you can also change your route if needed. It should change as the gaming world changes too.

Step 7: Write Your First Blog Post

With your blog all set up including a strategy, it’s time to create your very first blog post. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Start by thinking of ideas for your blog post.

Look at your favorite gaming blogs for inspiration on what to write about. You can also use Google to search for topics like “Best Xbox Games” or whatever you want to talk about. Check the “People Also Ask” section in Google for more ideas.

Step 8: Plan How to Make Money

Now comes the exciting part – figuring out how to start a gaming blog and earn money from it. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Ezoic: Ezoic is a company that helps you show ads on your blog. They make sure the ads pay well and appear in the best spots.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: With this, you can earn money by promoting other people’s stuff. When someone buys through a link on your blog, you get a commission.
  3. Digital Products: You can create things like eBooks, courses, or templates and sell them on your blog. It’s an easy way to make money if you have something valuable to share.
  4. Brand Partnerships: Brands might pay you to discuss their products on your blog. It’s like being a spokesperson for them.
  5. Use Your Skills: If you get good at blogging, you can offer your skills to others. You could help make websites for people or even get a full-time job because of your blog.

Remember, making money takes time and effort, so be patient and keep working on your blog. Over time, your hard work can pay off!

Final Words

You now know how to start a gaming blog and run it smoothly. Our 8-step plan is very self-explanatory.

However, here are a few bonus tips before we end the article. 

To be successful make sure your website’s name is special and different from others. And to grow faster, find good keywords and use social media. Also, try PostX for a cool look for your site to make it unique and interesting.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, now you’ve no more questions on – how to start a gaming blog. All the best!

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