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Which is the Best Post Grid Plugin for WordPress

Best Post Grid Plugin

Post Grid plugins are specially designed to showcase WordPress posts in a grid layout. PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks is the best post grid plugin for WordPress. You can use it to make and customize grid layouts without writing a single code.

How to use PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks plugin?

To use PostX, you need to install it first. The installation process is not so hard. You can follow these four steps to install the plugin.

Step – 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step – 2: Go to the plugin section and click on add new.

Step – 3: Search for PostX and click on install.

Step – 4: Click on activate to start using the plugin.

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PostX Overview

PostX is the all-in-one solution to create amazing-looking News, Magazine, and Blog sites. Anyone can use this WordPress plugin without any technical or coding knowledge. There are more than 10,000 active users currently using this plugin and the numbers are increasing.

With lots of customization options, PostX is the number one solution for any kind of website. You can filter WordPress posts by category and tags, add slider blocks, create a grid layout and more interesting and useful features are available. 

Why PostX is the best Post Grid plugin for WordPress?

There many grid plugins available in the WordPress directory. Most of them have useful features. But PostX has the most features and customization options. Let’s look at the top 5 features that make PostX different and the best Plugin.

1. Query Builder

Advanced Query Builder

Query Builder is a vital part of website or blog development. Building a database query from the beginning can create a smooth experience for your visitors. The incredible query builder of this plugin that comes with every post grid lets you do just that. It is made so easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use it.

You can easily change the type of your post from page to post and from post to a page. The number of posts in a query can also be controlled easily using a sliding bar. You can add a total of 50 posts in a single query. These posts can be arranged according to category or tags. You can also sort your posts by the order of date, title, comment count, and many more. Posts from different post grids can also be added using this amazing query builder. This truly organizes your content with minimum work on your part. Similarly, you can also exclude any post from your post grid. Finally, the offset post-bar lets you skip some posts before going live. The query builder of this plugin gives you the feeling of a premium without the cost.

2. Premade Design

Gutenberg Post Blocks Pre-made Design

One of the chief problems in developing your website or blog is the lack of time for post designs. Producing good content for your website and blog is hard work and very much time-consuming. Time saved in designing your post can be used to make your content better and more attractive. That is why PostX gives you premade designs for each of its blocks. So that you can focus on your content while it focuses on the designs.

Post grids, post sliders, Post lists, image blocks, etc. all come with a wide range of premade designs for you to choose from. Beautiful, fascinating designs give the feel of premium content for free. Whether it’s for quick posting or to save time for your content, you can without hesitation rely on Gutenbergs’ premade designs.

3. Premade Layout

Pre-made Layout and Import

It is more necessary in this competitive age of technology than ever to have your blog or website. But it is easier said than done. Many hours of hard work must be poured into it to make your website stand among others. Here you have to start from scratch. An attractive home page is a must before anything else. However many of us simply don’t have time to get this done. PostX frees you from this obligation of starting from zero and offers you premade layouts for your home page.

Now you can get started by just importing layouts to create your home page. Each layout is unique and gives you something different. Every layout uses different post grids, post lists, post sliders, and many more for displaying your posts. Layout 1 is significantly different from Layout 2. Where the Fashion layout is different from both and is centered around fashion. Every layout gives you the option to experience it firsthand in a live preview. With Gutenberg making your website or blog is only a click away.

4. Filter

A filter is a function of a post grid or post list that lets you filter your content according to tags or categories. When it comes to website or blog development, a user-friendly navigation system is necessary. Without it, your visitor will be turned off even if you have excellent content. Everything should be properly sorted and be easy to find. A good filter can be used to overcome this issue.

However more often than not a good filter is difficult to control. That is why Gutenberg offers you the ultimate AJAX filter with flexible controls. It lets you filter your content according to category or tags. For example: filtering your content with a health tag will create a shortcut on your post grid. This shortcut will direct your visitors to your posts with the health tag. You can control this amazing filter with very easy controls. Every post grid and post list becomes easier to navigate with this filter. Gutenberg gives you a premium filter without the hassle of coding.

5. Pagination

Post Blocks AJAX Pagination

Pagination is a collection of connected pages that have somewhat similar content. This method of dividing a document into pages is crucial for any website or blog developer. Every post grid or post list needs proper pagination to ergonomically distribute the content. Gutenberg offers you the best pagination widget for free. It even comes with AJAX pagination for displaying your posts. A good AJAX pagination is now hard to find more than ever.

This special pagination system dynamically updates your content without needing to reload the page. You only need to turn it on to create dynamic pages. Gutenberg offers three unique types of pagination. The classic pagination, load more, and navigation. Each has a unique way of dividing your content into pages. There are many other options for you to tweak to create your desired pagination system. Gutenberg offers all this premium content for free.


PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks offers many more features besides the ones listed above. Only the top five features are discussed in the above article. For more details on exclusive features stay tuned and keep following our blog. Because a lot more is yet to come.

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