Introducing Bakery Template for WooCommerce Stores

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Bakery Template for WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce is great but its layouts are not. Don’t worry, ProductX has got your Back. We have added another template to the ProductX Design Library.

Introducing a specialized Bakery Template finally crafted to jump-start store building with a single click. Be ready to be amazed and keep reading to find out the offerings.

Why the Bakery WooCommerce Template is So Special?

All ProductX Starter Packs (Home Page Templates) are finely crafted by professional designers and smart developers. Like the previous templates, the new Bakery template is made in the same manner with some new and unique touches. 

Bakery Template
Explore Bakery Template Demo

Amazing Hero Section

First of all the new Bakery template comes with an amazing hero section. The niche-specific image complements the products and grabs customers’ attention.

Amazing Hero Section

Gorgeous Featured Products Section

The featured products section is placed right after the hero section. You should display the most valued products of your store to attract the customers to buy them.

Gorgeous Featured Products Section

Smart Promotional Banners

Here you can see two promotional banners that blended with the products. It is built with the ProductX Banner Maker block. You can also customize it with your own images and requirements.

Best Selling Products At a Glance

The best-selling products section looks great. It is crafted classically to let the potential customers see all of the highlighted products at once.

Best Selling Products At a Glace

Big Promotional Banner

The large promotional banner is also made with the Banner Block. So you have full customization freedom to highlight your store’s special offer and attract customers.

Big Promotional Banner

Customization Options

All ProductX templates are highly customizable. So you are in complete control of making the changes and adjusting the ready-made template as per your requirements.

Performance and Speed

The newly added template is stunning but not heavily coded. So you don’t need to worry about your store’s loading time. It will not slow down your WooCommerce store.

Multi-Device Responsive

Like all ProductX templates, it is also responsive. So you can ensure a good user experience no matter whether your visitors are coming from a computer, tab, or mobile device.

Why Choose a WooCommerce Home Page?

WooCommerce automatically creates all essential pages. So you just need to add your products and start selling. Once you start adding products to your stores, they start appearing on the Shop Page, and Archive Pages. 

But what about the Home Page?

Yes, we can set the Shop Page as the Home Page. But do you really want your customers to land a boring page that just offers products and that’s all?

Or, do you want your customers to land on a well-organized page where different types of products are displayed along with branded elements and promotional offers?

I believe you are smart and choose the second option. 

That’s why we have started working on the Hope Page templates. As we believe it is one of the most import pages of idle WooCommerce stores, we have named them Starter Packs. Because these special templates allow you jump jump-start your store building. And of course, ProductX also comes with templates for other pages as well.

ProductX Bakery Template: The Need of Niche Specific Template

The latest template of ProductX is specially designed for the Bakery store. However, you can use this template for relevant sites, like foot, restaurant, cafe, etc. But you shouldn’t use it on any irrelevant sites, like clothing or sunglass stores.

But why?

Why we should choose niche-specific templates for online stores? 

Using a template finely crafted for a specific niche comes with so many benefits. Here are some of the most remarkable benefits:

Specific Needs: Every niche has its own requirements. From color, and font to design trends, every niche is different from each other. So if you use the template of one niche for another type of site, it will not look nice.

Faster Setup and Development: It is possible to alter templates as per requirements. However, it will require longer development time. So if you are looking for a one-the-go solution choosing a niche template is the best choice.

User Experience: A well-structured niche template is designed with the right colors, fonts, and design trends. So it will surely satisfy the customer’s needs.

Conversion: Only displaying products and offerings is not enough to convert visitors from customers. For that, your online store must be properly organized and conversion-focused. And, a niche-specific template can make the task simpler for you.

According to Neil Patel “Website design is more than just pretty pictures. All the visual elements need to work together to deliver an outstanding user experience that’ll lead to higher conversion rates, more sales, and more returning customers.”

Stay Tuned for More!

That’s all about the Bakery WooCommerce Template. Let us know your opinion about the new template in the comment section below. Stay connected with ProductX and be ready to be amazed again. So many amazing templates and features are about to come soon.

Explore Bakery Template Demo
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