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How to Enable WooCommerce Quick View on Shop Page

How to Enable WooCommerce Quick View on Shop Page

Do you have an online shop? Need a more convenient method of presenting the product information? Want a more streamlined shopping experience for your customers?

WooCommerce is a fantastic addon for WordPress that can be used to set up a shop. It doesn’t take long at all to launch a fully functional virtual shop. However, not all native capabilities provide a ready-made answer to showcasing your items to their full potential.

The WooCommerce quick view option is one such example.

This article will shed some light on the quick view option for WooCommerce, allowing you to use it in your store. We’ll also walk you through setting up the quick view option.

What is WooCommerce Quick View?

As its name indicates, a quick view delivers a “quick view” of the goods to the consumer. The information, photographs, and available options are shown in a popup.

In a regular online business, you would likely browse several products on the store page and then click on a specific product to access extra information. If unsatisfied with the product description and features, you would return to the store’s homepage and continue searching.

How often would you do this “back and forth” exercise? We make educated guesses until you find the ideal product or run out of patience.

What if you could examine crucial product details directly on the store’s webpage? What if the quick view function didn’t need you to visit the product information page? Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to browse all the goods and choose one?

This makes it much simpler for your consumers to add the item to their shopping basket without visiting the product description page. Consequently, assisting you in improving the user experience. This ultimately results in increased product sales.

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Quick View?

As an online shop owner, you know how crucial it is to simplify the shopping experience for your customers. Whether it’s the ease with which a client can locate what they’re looking for or the speed with which a purchase can be made, improving these aspects of your online business can increase the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase.

The quick view option is a wasted opportunity among the original WooCommerce capabilities, given the significance of showing your items in the best possible manner to land a transaction.

Rather than going through the product details page, clients may get a short overview of the product’s main features, photos, and customization options using the quick view function.

When working with WordPress, we can always count on finding a useful plugin to fix the issue at hand. The good news is that this problem can be fixed with quick view plugins. By streamlining the shopping experience for your consumers, you may boost conversions and sales with the quick view plugin.

How to Enable WooCommerce Quick View in Shop Page?

So here we are, setting up the WooCommerce quick view. Let’s not waste any time and get right into the process.

Install ProductX

There are no category grids available to users in WordPress. To make it work on our website, we need to include a plugin developed by a third party. As one of the most outstanding plugins for making a grid like that possible in a WooCommerce shop, ProductX is an excellent option. As a first step, let’s get this plugin set up.

Install ProductX
Install ProductX
  • Open up the Plugins menu in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Next, install the plugin by clicking the “Add New” option.
  • Try typing “ProductX” into the search bar and then hit the “Install” button.
  • Click the “Activate” button after you’ve installed the ProductX plugin.

Enabling WooCommerce Quick View

After installing ProductX, you need to enable it to use the WooCommerce quick view option.

All you have to do is:

Enabling Quick View
Enabling Quick View
  • From the WordPress Dashboard, Select ProductX and go to Addons.
  • Then on the addon page, enable the Quick View by toggling the button.

Now you have successfully enabled your shop page’s quick view button. 

Create a New Shop Page Template

Now, we must create a new template for the shop page, in which you will display the quick view option. To do that:

Create a new WooCommerce shop page template
Create a new WooCommerce shop page template
  • Click on the Builder Option of ProductX
  • Click on the “Add New” Button
  • Give the name of the template
  • Choose Shop as the type of template
  • Click on the save button and start customizing

If you would like to learn more about creating and modifying the WooCommerce shop page, please click here.

Displaying the WooCommerce Quick View on Shop Page?

After enabling now comes the displaying part. It’s also as easy as enabling it.

To display it on the shop page, all you have to do is:

Adding Blocks for Quick View
Adding Blocks for Quick View
  • Click the plus icon to use ProductX blocks. Then select any Product Grid or Product list.
Enable Show Quick View
Enable Show Quick View
  • After adding the block, go to settings, and enable the ‘Show Quick View’ option.
Selecting Premade Layouts for Quick View
Selecting Premade Layouts for Quick View
  • But you’re not done yet. Click the Design tab, and select any layout with the eye logo.

And now, you can easily display WooCommerce quick view on your products on the shop page.

Customization Options of WooCommerce Quick View

After completing all the steps and displaying desired quick view option, what next? You guessed it, customization.

Yes, ProductX offers vast customization options to showcase your products, which you can do by going to the settings of quick view enabled blocks.

However, if you go to ProductX from the WordPress dashboard and select settings, you’ll see many options. Click the QuickView tab, and you’ll open up some more customizations.

How to Enable Product Navigation for WooCommerce Quick View?

Do you know you can enable product navigation? You might well know WordPress and WooCommerce gives you product navigation by default. But how about doing the same in quick view mode? Yes, ProductX gives you that option as well. 

Quick View Settings
Quick View Settings (Product navigation and more)

From the QuickView Settings from ProducX, you can enable or disable the following options:

  • Image
  • Sales
  • Rating
  • Title
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Excerpt
  • Add to Cart
  • Meta

Also, you can do the same for the product link.

You can do everything from changing the quick view texts to disabling some elements. And over top of these, you can also disable this quick view option only for mobile devices if you want.


Here we are, the very end of telling you the complete and easy process of displaying a WooCommerce quick view on the shop page, with the additional customization option you might overlook. ProductX got your back in almost every situation and in every way you want to showcase your products. So what are you waiting for? Get ProductX now and make your life a lot easier. Best of Luck!

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