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Product Comparison: WooCommerce Products Compare

WooCommerce Products Compare

Product Comparison means letting the users compare prices and features between two or more products. And, WooCommerce Products Compare means comparing products of WooCommerce store. It gives the potential buyers flexibility to choose their desired product by comparing it with similar products. So, how to Compare two products in WooCommerce?

To let the users compare between two products you need to follow the below steps

Two Types of Woocommerce Product Comparison

There are two types of Woocommerce comparison available. Keep reading to learn how you can add both of these comparison features.

The first one is sending products to a certain page (Compare Page) to see the comparison chart. Another is Popup comparison. I will explain both of these ways step by step without skipping any steps.

How to Add WooCommerce Products Compare feature to your site

As I have mentioned the steps at the beginning of blog posts. Now I would like to explain all the steps.

Step-1. Install ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

If you want to use both of the ways of Comparison Addon of ProductX you need to install the Free and Pro version. Because the Popup comparison comes with the pro version. However, you can use the normal comparison feature with the free version that shows the selected products to a specific page (Compare page).

First of all install and activate the free version from the WordPress directory.

Install ProductX

To Install the Pro version you need to Purchase and Download it. There are multiple options and Flexible pricing available.

Flexible Pricing For ProductX

After purchasing the ProductX plugin you can download it from the download page and get the license key from my order page.

Download ProductX Pro

To install the downloaded file you need to follow these steps.

Product Comparison: WooCommerce Products Compare 1

Step-2. Turn on Compare Addon

After successfully installing and activating the ProductX plugin, you need to turn on the Compare Addon. Because the Product Comparison features works as an addon. So, Go the addon section of ProductX and click on Addons. Then turn on the Compare addon.

Turn On Compare Addon

Step-3. Create and Setup Compare page

In this step, you have created a new page and set it as the Compare page. First of all, go to the page section and click on add new. Give a name to the page. For example, “Products Compare”.

Now, go to the setting section of ProductX and click on the “Compare” setting. Now, select the page you have just created. Then, copy the shortcode to the page you have just create. Click on publish and that’s all. The compare page of your online store is ready.

Setup Compare Page

Step -4. Choose Comparison Type

Now, you have to decide which type of Product Comparison you want to add. If you want to add the products to the selected page, enable the “Compare in Single Page” option. Then select “Added to Compare” and “Redirect to Page”. So that, when the potential buyers select products for comparison they will be automatically redirected to the Compare page and see the comparison of the selected products. But If you want to add the Pop-Up compare features, then select the “Popup Compare” and “Pop Up” options. So that, visitors can see the Popup comparison.

Choose Product Comparison Type

Step-5. Check Comparison Example

It is the last step where you need to manually check whether the selected comparison options are working or not. As I have described two ways of adding comparison. I would like to show you examples of both of the ways.

Example of Compare Page
Example of Compare Page
Example of Popup Comparison
Example of Popup Comparison

Benefits of WooCommerce Products Compare

So, you can now add the Products comparison feature to your WooCommerce comparison. But do you why it is necessary for all online stores?

There are numerous advantages of comparison. I have mentioned some of the major benefits below.

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Why You Should Use ProductX for Product Comparison

You can find many comparison plugins by searching on Google or WordPress directory. But the question is, Why you should choose ProductX?

The answer is simple ProductX is all one solution for an online store. It offers numerous features, product blocks, and customization options. So you will get full freedom to showcase products in the way you want to. Not only that, as it is an all-in-one plugin you can eliminate other plugins from your site. It will make your site SEO friendly resulting increase in organic traffic. You can take look at the main features and attractions of ProductX.

More Details: ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks


That’s all about WooCommerce Product comparison. I hope, now you can give your users the flexibility to compare multiple products from your Online Store. If you still have any kind of confusion or queries just leave a comment below.

Written byOmith Hasan

I am a gaming blogger for more than five years. Now, also working as a technical content writer for WPXPO.

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