New PostX Starter Layout Pack [Using WordPress for Travel Blog]

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Introducing the New PostX Starter Layout Pack (Travel-Blog-2) for WordPress travel blog. This PostX Gutenberg blocks starter pack is perfect if you’re using WordPress for travel blog creating.

In order to get this starter layout pack, all you have to do is hit ‘Synchronize’ within the PostX block library, this starter pack will be added to your library. 

Now let’s talk about some of the features of this new layout starter pack. 

New PostX Starter Layout Pack [Using WordPress for Travel Blog]
WordPress for Travel Blog: Starter Pack Overview

Dynamic Slider for Showcasing 

This new Travel pack features a super-fluid design to showcase key aspects of your travel blog. The very first section is a dynamic post slider that showcases the featured posts about your travel adventures. 

Dynamic Post Slider Section

Make sure to check out the live demo to see the dynamic slider in action:

Then another cool section is the ‘Popular Trips Guide’ section, where your readers can read about your adventurous travels, experiences, and most importantly, your recommendations for travel destinations. This section will surely help you highlight your journey and convey your honest experience to the reader. 

Top Stories Section

You can’t think of a travel blog without thinking about a section highlighting your adventures. The ‘Featured Stories’ sections allow you to do just that, as you have the opportunity to showcase your travel adventures to your readers

Featured Travel Stories

To your audience, your recommendation will matter. For this reason, we’re keeping a dedicated section where you can bring all your favorite travel destinations in one place. It’s a cool section where your readers can find and learn a bit more about your taste. 

Right below that is the section of places where you want your audience to go. It is the section where you showcase the destinations users should visit at least once in their lifetime. 

Travel Recommendations

Share Life Stories 

Finally, you have the journal section where users can learn about your travel life, yourself, and more. As always, the final section depicts your adventurous journey on the face of this world! 

Journal Section

Of course, all of these features are highly customizable. Each feature comes with all of the customizability we promise with PostX. You can create and showcase this layout however way you want. Or if you just need a quick website, then all you have to do is import it and make some slight adjustments. Shouldn’t take more than 5-minutes. 

Final Thoughts 

All in all, we’re super psyched to get this layout pack for a WordPress travel blog in your hands. Creating a website with WordPress for travel blog has never been easier.

Please share your honest thoughts on how you think PostX is performing from your end. As you’re well aware, we’re constantly trying to make this the best Gutenberg blocks plugin out there. 

So, make sure to leave your comments about your experience. It helps us grow, offering you a better experience in return. 

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