How to add WooCommerce Filter by Category

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WooCommerce Filter by Category

The e-commerce business is growing at a higher rate because of the ongoing pandemic situation of Covid 19. To become successful in this business, the main requirement is to build a good website. Most websites are using WordPress as the content management system. WooCommerce made it easier for beginners to create an eCommerce website with ease. And, one of the main required features of an idle WooCommerce shop is WooCommerce Filter by Category. The method I like to use is easy and doesn’t require writing any code. So, How do I add a category filter in WooCommerce Shop Page?

To filter the WooCommerce products by categories we need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Instal ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks Plugin.

Step 2: Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon.

Step 3: Create A Custom Template for WooCommerce Shop Page.

Step 4: Turn on the Filter option from the General setting while editing the page.

Step 5: Select filter type as Category. Then you can choose specific or multiple categories to filter products.

Why you should use the WooCommerce Filter by Category

Before going into the in-depth explanation about product filters you should know why it is necessary to use this feature.

The main goal of any WooCommerce shop is to increase the conversion rate of sales. Getting only more traffic can not increase sales. To increase it, we need to focus on the conversion rate.

The percentage of the sales from the traffic is known as the conversion rate. To increase the conversion rate the presentation of the product needs to be innovative.

The product filter feature is one of the major features by which We can increase the conversation rate.

If the users always want more options while shopping. So, they want to see all the available options according to their choice. The product filter option can help the users to sort the product they are interested in.

It can be flexible for the users by using the filter feature of ProductX. It is an Ajax-powered filter, so that, the users can filter products without reloading the whole page. And, the loading time is very fast. So, it will decrease the bounce rate of the website.

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How to filter the WooCommerce products by categories

Now I would like the explain all the steps mentioned at beginning of the post. With these simple steps, you can easily add a product filter to your WooCommerce store.

Step – 1: Install ProductX

First of all, you need to install the ProductX plugin to use it. For that, go to the plugin section and click on add new. Then search for ProductX and click on install. After the installation is complete you need to activate the plugin.

Install ProductX

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Step – 2: Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon

Now, we have to turn on the WooCommerce Builder addon for ProductX as we want to create a custom shop page template with product filtering features. For that:

  • Navigate to ProductX
  • Click on “Addons”
  • Turn on the Builder Addon
Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon
Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon

Step – 3: Create A Custom Template for WooCommerce Shop Page

Once we turn on the WooCommerce builder addon, we can start creating the template for the shop page. For that:

  • Go to ProductX Builder Section
  • Click on the “Add New Button”
  • Type a Name for the Template
  • Select Shop from the Builder Type section
  • Save and Start Editing the Template
Create a new WooCommerce shop page template
Create a New Shop Page Template

Once you start editing the shop page, you will see that it is empty. You have to fill it up with your desired Product Blocks. For Now, I am adding ProductX Blocks #1.

Step – 4: Turn on the Filter option

Now, you have to go to the general setting and turn on the filter option to let WooCommerce filter by category. Just click on the Product blocks you have added to the shop page. Then you will see the setting option on the right side of your editing panel.

Turn on Filter Option

Step – 3: Select filter type as Category or Tag.

At last, you need to go to the Filter section and select the filter type. You have two types of filters which are Categories and Tag. After choosing the type you need to choose the filter value. You can add specific or multiple categories or tags. That’s all.

select category filter

After adding the desired filters, you can also customize the design of the filter text. Here is the list of available customization options offered by ProductX.

  • Color
  • Background color
  • Border Radius
  • Margin
  • Padding

Action Filter Options for WooCommerce Products

ProductX also has some advanced filtering options along with the basic Ajax Filter. With the help of these options, you can increase the conversation rate of your WooCommerce store. Below are the main action filters you can choose from.

Action Filter Options
  1. Top Sale: It allows to show the list of products which are having the highest number of sales. With this filter, you can give can showcase the highest-selling products and ensure more sales.
  2. Popular: Show the most popular products based on the data of the regular visitors to your website.
  3. On Sale: Showcase a list of products having discounts. It can easily increase the conversation rate for discounted products.
  4. Most Rated: The product rating can increase the trust of the users resulting in more sales. You can use this filter to showcase the products having user ratings.
  5. Top Rated: Displaying all top-rated products under the same filter can directly impact the conversation rate. It helps to get positive feedback from the users.
  6. New Arrival: Buyers always have an interest in the newly added products. With the help of the ProductX action filter, your latest products will be added to the New Arrival filter.

Best Way to use the WooCommerce filter by Category

As we know, the main goal of the WooCommerce shop is to ensure increased sales. For that, we need to increase the conversion rate. It can be done by giving users better navigation for sorting products. That’s why I would like to show some examples of using the filter feature to increase the conversation rate.

  1. Price Range Category: Most users may have a certain budget to purchase products. So, if we can give than price range categories, it will be easier for them to find the products within their budget.
  2. Action Filter (Pro): It is a pro feature of the ProductX plugin specially designed to increase conversion rate. You can filter products with the interactions of previous visitors to the WooCommerce store.
  3. Customize Filter Text: ProductX allows a lot of customization options. So we can customize the filter text color, background color, border radius, margin, padding, etc. It increases the click-through rates of the categories.
  4. On sale Filter: It is old but still works because customers love to get discounts. You can use the on-sale filter from the action filter to increase the conversion rate. Showcasing the discounted products as a category filter will surely increase the percentage of sales.

Why you should consider using ProductX

There are many useful and popular WooCommerce plugins available. But we want the best one, right?

You can do your research, and will come to the point that ProductX is the best WooCommerce plugin. Because ProductX is completed with tons of features like quick view, product image flipping, wishlist, and product comparison. By using it we can also provide the listings of products category, featured products, latest products, on sales, and best-selling products to the customers.

With the help of this plugin, you can create a professional WooCommerce store with ease. No technical expertise or writing code is required to use ProductX.

It is also an optimized and SEO-friendly plugin. You don’t need to worry about the technical SEO factors while using it.

Let’s find out why ProductX is better than other plugins.

All in One Solution

ProductX is the all-in-one solution for Online WooCommerce Store. Installing and managing multiple plugins is very time-consuming. Not only that, multiple plugins can directly impact your website’s load time which is not good for any website. Users don’t like to visit and stay at a slow-loading site and it is also bad for on-page SEO. So we always try to keep our site as fast as possible. That is why ProductX is the right solution. Because you can get all the useful features in a single plugin which includes quick view, product comparison, wish list, image flipping, filtering products, cart, query builder, etc.

No coding knowledge required

Most WordPress users don’t have any coding knowledge. That is why it is the most useful and popular content management system. In the same way, ProductX also doesn’t require any coding knowledge. So that you can easily install and use this plugin by yourself.

Ready-made Design Library

You will get ready-made blocks library from which you can choose and customize according to your need. So that, your online shop will be ready within a short time and few clicks

WoooCmmerce Wishlist

A wish list is an important feature for any online shop. It gives the users to choose multiple products so that they can compare those before adding them to the cart. By using ProductX you can easily add a wish list button to all single product pages. You can also add the wish list to a separate page where users can sort and select their desired products to the cart.

Product Quickview

Product Quick view is an interesting and useful feature for online shops. Users can get a popup view of a specific product. So that, they can get all the information about the product without visiting a new page.

Easy to Compare

ProductX also comes with an amazing product comparison feature. With this feature, users can compare similar products to select the product they want to buy.


I hope now you can add the WooCommerce filter by Category using the ProductX plugin. If you have any questions about this post feel free to leave a comment below.

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