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wordpress news template

PostX brings another Layout to its Starter Packs library. The new WordPress News Template is for the news enthusiast who writes reports and loves to display their news post in an organized way to grab the reader’s attention. If you are already using PostX, you should know this PostX best provides the best News Magazine and Blogging templates.

Why this News Template is So Special

Although PostX already has 5 news templates the new one has some unique touches. Like always our design and development tried their best to bring an amazing template. As you may know, we do not release templates just to increase the count. We always try to bring the best possible design. That’s why we call them Starter Packs instead of just templates or layouts. So be ready to be amazed and start exploring the new WordPress News Template.

PostX News Template
Explore News Template Demo

Effective Hero Section

The hero section is one of the most important sections for any landing page. So arranging this section is a bit tricky and challenging. Because it is ideal to display a higher number of posts at the beginning than usual. So the readers can see multiple posts at a glance. But it should be done smartly so that it looks nice. We have tried our best to keep the design clean without ignoring the purpose. Now it’s your time to explore and let us know your thoughts. So we can better in the upcoming templates.

Hero Section

Responsive Design

Responsiveness is a major concern for any kind of website. And, it is one of the most important requirements for News Websites. Because numerous users read news from their mobile devices. Don’t worry PostX got your back. Like all other PostX blocks and templates, the latest is also responsive. So your readers will get the same experience no matter if they read from a computer, tablet, or mobile.

Category-wise Posts Section

Most news sites cover multiple types of categories. Good news if you also cover news of different topics as we have prepared multiple sections based on categories. You just need to change the hedging text and make some adjustments to align the section as per your requirements.

category wise posts section
Explore News Template Demo

Full Customization Freedom

The best part is all PostX templates are highly customizable. As the templates are built with the post blocks you can customize each block individually. Not only that you can also customize each of the elements of blocks. So you are in complete control of the template.

Highlighted Category Section

Do you have important category pages that you want to highlight blending with posts? If so this section is perfect for you. As you may know, PostX has its own category addon to add featured images and specific colors as well as taxonomy blocks to display categories like blog posts. And guess what! PostX Taxonomy blocks have their query sorting. So you are in complete freedom to display your desired categories and sub-categories as in this section. 


The best part is you don’t need to update your plugin to get this new template. Just go to the template kit and click on the synchronization button and that’s all. All new templates will be available for you. Then you can import it with just one click like all other PostX Starter Packs.

Explore News Template Demo

Stay Tuned for More

Explore the newly added templates and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Be prepared for more amazing templates and exciting features. We are working on something special. Stay connected with PostX to feature updates and surprises regularly.

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