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WooCommerce stock progress bar

WooCommerce Stock Progress bar also known as a stock counter bar is a visual indication of the available stock of a particular product. It is a unique but effective approach to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product before the stock is out.

But the question is how we can add the stock progress bar on the products of our WooCommmerce store?

For answering the exact question, we are introducing the Stock Progress bar addon for ProductX. From now on, ProductX users can increase their sales by implementing the progress bar to represent the stock of the products.

How to Add WooCommerce Stock Progress Bar

Now, you may be wondering how to use the stock progress bar. You can easily add it to the products of your WooCommerce store by following the below steps. However you can also check out the quick tutorial video if you don’t like to read.

Install ProductX

First of all, make sure you have to install the Prod Version of the ProductX plugin. It is an all-in-one solution for creating a WooCommerce store with Product grids and lots of add-ons such as WooCommerce Builder, Pre-order, Wishlist, Compare, etc.

ProductX is now WowStore! We’re very excited to bring you this experience, packed with exciting features. Please note that the features, blocks, starter packs, etc. all work the same. If you have used ProductX, you’ll feel right at home with WowStore.

Turn on Addon

After installing and activating the ProductX, you have turned on the Stock Progress bar addon to start using. For that, Navigate to the Addons section from ProductX. Turn on the Stock Progress bar addon.

Turn on Stock Progress Bar Addon
Turn on Stock Progress Bar Addon

To learn more about the stock progress bar addon you can check out the documentation page.

Explore Setting

After turning it on a new setting option will be added for the particular Addon. From where you can add text for Total Sell Count and Available Item Count.

Explore Setting
Explore Setting

Enable on Simple Product

Now you are ready to set up a product for page for showing a stock progress bar. First, I would like to enable it on a simple Product page. For that:

  • Click on Products Tab.
  • Start editing a product.
  • Enable stock management.
  • Add maximum order quantity.
  • Update the product page.
Enable on Simple Product
Enable on Simple Product

That’s all you need to do. From now on, all visitors of your WooCommerce store will see the visitor in the stock progress bar while visiting the product.

Stock Progress Bar on Simple Product
Stock Progress Bar on Simple Product

Enable on Variable Product

Not its time to add the stock progress bar to a variable product. It is a bit complicated, but if know how the variable products it’s not so hard.

Variable products refer to products that have multiple variations such as color, size, etc. For example, we have set up a headphone with two variations, wired and wireless for which we are going to enable the stock progress bar.

The products of the WooCommerce store would have different types of variations. However, the process will be the same for all types of variable products. So, in order to enable the stock to progress on a variable product.

  • Go to a product having variations.
  • Click on the Variations Tab.
  • Start editing a variation.
  • Enable stock management option.
  • Add maximum order quantity.
Enable on Variable Product
Enable on Variable Product

That’s all, follow the same steps for all available variations. At last, update the variable product page and see how it looks at the front end.

From now on, the visitors will see the stock progress bar after selecting a variation from the product for which we have just configured.

Stock Progress Bar on Variable Product
Stock Progress Bar on Variable Product

Enable on Custom Template

Now that you have learned about enabling the stock counter bar to be simple on variable products but what if you want to enable it on a custom template?

Don’t worry ProductX got you back and the WooCommerce Builder Addon is your savior.

It helps to create custom templates for Shop, Archive, and Single Product Pages from scratch.

So, if you make a custom template for single product pages by using the WooCommerce builder addon for ProductX the stock progress bar will be according as you have configured no matter whether it is a simple or variable product.

Benefits of Stock Progress Bar

If you are thinking about why you should use the stock progress bar or what are its benefits of it for the WooCommerce store, continue reading a blog post.

The stock progress bar or counter bar whatever you say is not only for showing products in a better way. It can bring a noticeable impact on the revenue of your online store. Here’s how:

Conversion Rate: All online store owners and digital market owners brings lots of organics or paid traffic to eCommerce sites. But the difficult part is converting those visitors to customers.

For that, the landing pages, or I would say product pages should be well organized and optimized to convert the visitors into customers. Stock progress can be one of the ways to do that. As it encourages the visitors to make the purchase by highlighting the remaining stocks.

Average Order Value: Average order value refers to the average spending amount of the customers of eCommerce sites. All store owners want to increase it as it has a massive impact on revenue. So the question is how to increase the average order value.

The WooCommerce store owners have a common practice which is to increase average order value. One of the important common practices is showcasing three types of WooCommerce related products. So that, the customer would like to explore more products after adding their desired products to the cart.

But with this method, they would not make an instant purchase for additional products. For that, you have to give a reason to make the purchase now than later. With the stock progress bar that can be possible as it indicates the remaining quantity. So they would likely purchase the product before stocking out.


That’s all about the WooCommerce Stock Progress Bar. Start implementing it on the product pages of your online store. If you still face any issues regarding it feel free to comment below.

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