WholesaleX: Rise of WooCommerce Wholesale!

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WholesaleX Rise of WooCommerce Wholesale

Thinking of taking that one chance to widen your business and make more profits? Trying to introduce wholesale or B2B in your WooCommerce store? 

Looked for other options in the market, and all felt too hard to understand?

Are all things very confusing to you? Need help understanding how to make a B2B, B2C, or B2B+B2C hybrid store? 

Worry not, because WholesaleX WooCommerce B2B solution is here!

WholesaleX is the perfect solution for you. Very easy to understand and implement to make your dream come true. Wholesaling in WooCommerce and making bigger opportunities will be more than just a dream now with WholesaleX. 

What is WholesaleX?

WholesaleX is an advanced WooCommerce plugin. Simple, easy to use, and full of features. 

WholesaleX Dashboard
WholesaleX Dashboard

WholesaleX is a WooCommerce plugin that focuses on the unique challenges of B2B e-commerce. Everything from the most basic B2B practices, like hiding costs for guests, to the most advanced, such as tiered pricing and tax exemptions and everything in between. 

WholesaleX is a plugin that offers a full-featured solution for B2B, B2C, and hybrid wholesale businesses, with the added benefits of Wallets and Conversation.

Gain The Upper Hand With WholesaleX

Be at the top of the game with the help of WholesaleX. 

How and Why?

Easy to Manage

With WholesaleX, running a business is a piece of cake. You do not need to have any prior experience or understanding of coding. A proper solution to all the issues Wholesale business owners regularly face and more.

All-In-One Solution

Unlike other plugins that focus on specific solutions, WholesaleX provides its users with a complete and full-on solution to create and manage Wholesale based WooCommerce stores.

B2B? B2C? B2B+B2C hybrid? No matter what your store is like and however you want to run your WooCommerce store, WholesaleX provides in all aspects.

B2B + B2C Hybrid Store

In this continuously upgrading world, nobody wants to stop. So, why put a barrier on your dream wholesaling journey? 

With WholesaleX, you can create a B2B, B2C, or B2B+B2C hybrid store instead of just sticking with a single one. WholesaleX Breaks the barrier and unlocks unlimited opportunities that come your way.

Manage Rules Globally

Managing rules might be confusing and a whole lot of work, right? Not anymore. WholesaleX helps you set the dynamic rules very quickly, just like running a knife through butter.

Pricing, discounts, tax, shipping name your rules, and WholesaleX can create one with just a blink of an eye.

Effective User Roles

Another barrier wholesale business owners face is creating and managing effective user roles. When the business grows, there are many things to manage, and one mistake can be devastating.

With WholesaleX, managing customers is not an issue anymore. Create the regular ones as well as custom user roles as per your need, and manage them anytime, all in one place.

Stay Connected With Customers

Communication is a frequent barrier in the wholesale industry, no proper ways of communicating with owners or purchasers. WholesaleX broke the wall and made it possible to communicate directly with store owners and users. Stay connected with your wholesale customer with the built-in conversation functionality. 

WholesaleX Feature Review

Let’s check out some excellent features of WholesaleX.

WholesaleX Dynamic Discount
WholesaleX Dynamic Discount

Dynamic Discounts

In the wholesale business, discounts for various approaches are a must. So, it goes without saying that WholesaleX has the following Dynamic Discount rules.

  • Quantity-Based Discounts
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • User-Based Pricing
  • Payment Method Discounts
  • Cart Discounts
  • Category-Based Discounts

Don’t think you’ll get to configure each and every discount from scratch because WholesaleX made it easy to create discount rules. You only have to select the rules, set the amount and assign targeted users to complete the process.

Form Builder  

WholesaleX Form Builder
WholesaleX Form Builder

WholesaleX has its own form builder. Wholesale owners often need to take advantage of this option. For example, they need to create a registration form. WholesaleX understood the problems and created a form builder that can be used to create registration forms or any other custom form for its users.

Here’s a tutorial, if you consider the form builder to Create a WooCommerce Registration Form.

Users Role Management

WholesaleX User Role Management
WholesaleX User Role Management

The wholesale business consists of a huge number of customers, and managing them is hard. However, WholesaleX made it very easy to create and manage user roles and added the opportunity to modify them anytime.

Wallet Management

WholesaleX Wallet Management

Nowadays, rewards points, cashback, or point systems are trending. And some users also want to add funds to their wallets to use them on their purchases.

WholesaleX has this wallet option where business owners can add funds to any user’s wallet, or a user can add funds too.


WholesaleX Conversation

No more hurdles in communication because WholesaleX added conversation options for its users.

reCaptcha Integration

WholesaleX also provides Google reCaptcha integration for better security of its users.

To end the notes in a very positive node, WholesaleX makes your WooCommerce wholesale business better by creating infinite opportunities. So, if you want to make more profits, and unlock the door of future possibilities, Grab WholesaleX!

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