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Introducing ProductX Pro – A Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

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Introducing ProductX Pro - A Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

WPXPO is proud to present the latest addition to our team which is the all new ProductX Pro. It is an advanced Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks that would make it easier for you to design a WooCommerce web store.  

There are many special additions in ProductX Pro that would make designing your WooCommerce store very easy. We had been trying to provide users with the best experience possible while they are building their online store

ProductX Pro
ProductX Pro

ProductX Pro can be the closest thing to perfection we believe. There are many exciting features that you can explore both in the free and the paid version. All these features were added after receiving feedback from our users so we can enhance their user experience. 

What Is New With ProductX Pro?

There are a lot of new features that we introduced in product pro. These features would help you build an online store more easily and make the whole process smoother for you. You can also design better stores that would give the users more options. Overall, we can say that with the new ProductX Pro you would be able to create an amazing online store that would create a rich experience for your users. 

1. Many More Layouts

We have worked on the layouts more in this version. We wanted to give our users more choice to design better stores. With the new layout, you would get more options to pick from. You can easily access the layouts by going to a page and choosing the plus icon to choose from the different layouts of the ProductX Pro. With new layouts, many more new features are also included. 

ProductX Pro – Layouts

2. Readymade Starter Pack

The readymade starter pack is a favorite of our customers and we decided to include more starter packs that are more practical and would save you more energy and time. A lot of effort went into designing the starter packs. 

Starter Pack
ProductX Pro – Starter Pack

New starter packs are added for both the free and the pro versions. It would reduce the effort that users have to put in to build their online store and would also ensure better results with minimum effort.

3. Readymade Sections

We have also introduced some readymade sections that many users requested. It helps to make the process of building the eCommerce website with WooCommerce much faster. The users also feel it to be more convenient to use the readymade sections for making their website. 

Readymade Sections
ProductX Pro – Readymade Sections

We have worked on making the readymade sections practical so our users don’t have to do many changes to them. They can just plug it in their website and do some minor changes and it would be ready to go. 

4. Quick Query Builder

ProductX Pro has now introduced the quick query builder. The query builder is a very useful tool and we know that you want your users to find your products very easily. To make it possible we have introduced the Quick Query Builder. 

Query Builder
Query Builder

The Quick Query Builder has many new features that allow you to give your customers the options of advanced search. More of your products can be found easily using this driving more sales through your online store. 

5. Wishlist Addon

In the ProductX Pro, we introduced a feature that enables the users to add products to their wishlist so they can buy them later. A wishlist is a very important feature to drive more sales as many customers don’t buy it the first time they see it and later they forget about it completely. 

Wishlist Addon
ProductX – Wishlist Addon

A wishlist enables them to save their chosen products in a place where they can purchase them later. You would also be able to retarget the customers later to buy those products. This is a very important addition to our ProductX Pro.

6. Compare Addon

Compare Addon is an exciting addition to the new ProductX Pro. It makes the process of comparing two products very easy for the customers. The shopping experience of your user becomes a lot better when you can provide them the power to compare two products. 

Compare Addon
ProductX – Compare Addon

Because of the Compare Addon, the user can take decisions much faster and can purchase the product quickly. It helps in increasing sales as often the user leaves the site without buying anything if they can’t decide which product to buy. 

7. New Blocks

We are introducing two brand new blocks to our collection which are Product Category 2 and Product Grid 4. With these two blocks, our users would get more choices when they are designing their online store. These blocks are developed after receiving various feedbacks from our customers.

Product Category 2 and Product Grid 4
ProductX – Product Category 2 & Product Grid 4

Product Category 2 and Product Grid 4 both are an excellent addition for WooCommerce store developers. Many new functions are added in these two blocks which you can explore from the settings option of the blocks.

8. Quickview Addon

It is important for you to provide your customers with the option to view all the details of your products quickly. Customers now have a tendency to not wait for a long time and they want to absorb more information quickly. 

Quickview Addon
ProductX – Quickview Addon

To make all this possible we have introduced the Quickview Addon which gives you the option to provide your customers all the useful information about a product with the click of a button. 

9. Image Flip Addon

It is a new fun Addon that we have introduced with the ProductX Pro. When it is enabled the image in the display keeps flipping which makes the product look more appealing. Often it is responsible to grab the attention of the users to a particular product enticing them to take the action of buying the product. 

10. Save Template Addon

We have added an Addon that would enable you to save a block as a template. You might need to use the same block in different parts of your website. Now with this Addon we have made the process of saving a new template very easy. You can use the template later in other parts of your website if you need to. 

11. Priority Support

We value our customers a lot and we take any problem they are facing very seriously. To make sure that our customers can reach us quickly we have introduced priority support for our pro users. We would be notified immediately when you ask for our help and we will try to get back to you with a solution as quickly as possible. 

ProductX Pro Pricing

There are three pricing plans for the ProductX Pro. The plans allow everyone from an individual to an organization uses our pro features at optimum fees. 

  • Personal Plan: Our personal plan allows you to use our plugin on one of your websites and we also added one year of support and update to the plan. The price of this plan is $49. It is a good plan if you are just starting and want to run just one eCommerce website.
  • Business Plan: With our business plan, you would be able to use the ProductX Pro plugin for any number of sites you want. You would also get our support and updates for a year. The price of this plan is $79. 
  • Lifetime Unlimited Plan: As the name suggests you would be able to use the plugin on any number of sites that you want. Along with that, you would get our support and updates for a lifetime. The price of this plan is $279.

Final Thoughts

You would know that we provide the best user experience if you used our previous plugins. This is a great product that we are proud to present to you. We have worked on a number of new exciting features that you must get your hands on as quickly as possible. 

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