Introducing the PostX Global Styles - 2024

Introducing the PostX Global Styles

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Introducing PostX Global Styles

We are super excited to share the news of the PostX Global Styles. The PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks will now have global property settings, allowing users to quickly develop their websites by setting global parameters for PostX. 

Do take note that these global settings will exclusively work with the PostX Gutenberg blocks. 

How to Access the PostX Global Styles 

Accessing the PostX Global Styles is super easy. All you have to do is install the PostX plugin> Create a new page or go to an existing page for editing. The Global settings for the PostX Gutenberg Blocks Plugin should be on the top right corner by default.

PostX Global Styles Overview
PostX Global Styles Overview

Note: You can hide the settings by clicking on the ‘star’ icon. If you want to reactivate again, then go to the page ‘options’ panel to the top right. There you will find the global settings icon for PostX. You can use the ‘star’ icon to show the PostX global settings. 

Global Styles: Options to Explore 

At the time of this discussion, there are 3-main features of the global styles to discuss. Here’s a quick video to get you started:

Introducing Global Styles for PostX

Global Color Settings 

You will find the global color styles under the “Color” section. Here, by default, you will find the theme default colors and the PostX colors. 

Note: There is a toggle where the plugin asks you whether or not you want to use only the PostX colors. If you enable this prompt, you will only be able to use the PostX colors for your WordPress website. 

PostX Global Styles - Global Color Settings
PostX Global Styles – Global Color Settings

Here’s a quick example of the PostX Global Colors in action: 

If you want to use the PostX colors for a particular section of a readymade block. In order to do so, you will need to make sure that the “Use PostX Color” toggle is on. Let’s say you want to add a PostX color to the block excerpt and use that color in all the other blocks on your website. 

All you have to do is: 

  1. Go to the block settings
  2. Go to the excerpt settings (as we are going to choose a specific color for the excerpt). 
  3. Choose the color from the PostX global color palette

Editor Width 

It’s a simple, yet highly effective feature that’s been introduced to the PostX Global Styles lineup. You have 3-options available here: 

PostX Global Styles - Editor Width
PostX Global Styles – Editor Width
  1. You can choose to keep the settings default. It will take up the default settings of the theme. Here, if you want to use the PostX default, you will have to 
  2. You can choose your editor to be “Full Screen”
  3. Last but not the least, you can use a custom width as per your choice. You can enter a custom value for the editor width. 


You can set the custom breakpoints for your mobile and tablet devices. The maximum width limit can be set for each of these devices. 

Breakpoints in Global Styles
Breakpoints in Global Styles

These are just the global styles. There are plenty of features to explore in the PostX Gutenberg Blocks Plugin:

Final Thoughts 

This was just a formal introduction to the PostX Global Styles. There are more features in the pipeline that will soon have a release date. For instance, the single post-builder is due to drop at any time (do share your thoughts on that). 

For now, that’s all we have for you. Have a great day! 


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