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Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO

Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin has soared to heights in the hearts of its
dedicated users. Now creating a well-optimized premium website is
only a click away with Gutenberg. As for now, the Gutenberg Post
Blocks Plugin is being expanded upon to create the ultimate version of
the same plugin. Those who have used Gutenberg can rejoice to know
that we are releasing a professional version of the Gutenberg Post
Blocks plugin. The new pro version of the plugin will offer ten times
what the free version was offering. We have created three flexible
packages considering our user-base. In this article we will try to inform
you of all the premium content you will get with Gutenberg Post Blocks

Starter Packs

Starter Packs
Starter Packs

Gutenberg post blocks plugin comes with premium ready-made layouts. No longer will you have to go through every little detail before creating a new page. Now all you need to worry about is your content. Be that as it may, most premade layouts look flat and banal. A weak presentation can weigh you down even if you have good content. All that glitters may not be gold, but all look for glittering things. That is why every premade layout of Gutenberg is distinct and premium in quality. With the new Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO, you will get six stylishly distinct starter packs to get you started. On the other hand with the free version, you only get three. These amazing pre-made layouts will save you time while providing a high-end presentation.

Ready-made Block Design

Gutenberg Post Block Plugin offers premade block designs so you can post your content in a jiff. Each premade block design stands out from the others and provides a premium look for your content. These premade block designs especially come in handy when you need specific blocks for your content but don’t have the time to edit. However, the free version of Gutenberg offers only 10+ premade block designs. Though they are stylish and premium-looking for long-term users it may not be enough. That is why Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO is offering a whopping 64+ premade designs for you to choose from. Now with Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO you will never run out of premade design for your website or blog. A special block library has been created just for this purpose. You are sure to find your desired design among a plethora of premade blocks.

Block Layout Designs

With Gutenberg, you get many distinct, stylish, and ergonomic layouts for every block. Optimization is a must when it comes to posting your content. Even if the block is efficient for your content, the layout of the block might not be.  You may want to format the block into a layout that is better suited to your content. Here is where Gutenberg shines. But with the free version of Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin, you will only get 11+ block layout designs. And with this limited number of layouts, it is more often than not harder to create a well-optimized post. That is why Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO is offering 32+ block layouts for you to choose from. Optimization is no longer a worry. Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO takes care of that for you.

Advanced Quick Query

This amazing query is only available on Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin PRO.  With the help of this amazing feature creating instant queries according to different criterion is a reality. This advanced query builder lets you create queries in a jiff according to the most common criterion. For instance, the “most comment” quick query lets you build a query by organizing the posts which have the most comments. There are many other quick queries for you to use in this advanced quick query section. You can even select the duration of the criterion. For example, “most comment (7 days)” will create a query that will compile all the posts that have the most comments in the last 7 days. Some other quick queries include, “popular posts”, “latest posts”, “Oldest posts” and much more. Get Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin PRO today to have this amazing advanced quick query builder.

  • Most Comment
  • Most Comment (1 Day)
  • Most Comment (7 Days)
  • Most Comment (30 Days)
  • Popular Post (1 Day – View Counter)
  • Popular Post (7 Days – View Counter)
  • Popular Post (30 Days – View Counter)
  • Popular Post (All Time – View Counter)
  • Random PostRandom Post (7 Days)
  • Random Post (30 Days)
  • Latest Posts – Published Date
  • Latest Posts – Modified DateOldest Post – Published Date
  • Oldest Post – Modified Date
  • Alphabet ASCAlphabet DESC

Image Loading

Image loading is a major factor when it comes to building a swift and snappy website for your users. A weak internet connection more often than not leads to disorienting pages. The auto-scrolling as each image loads is a major turn off for all users. That is why Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO brings you advanced image loading. It secures the position of the images first and then loads them. This effectively eliminates the problem of disorientation along with the auto-scrolling problem. Alongside this, your visitors get a more complete idea about your page and the images even if their internet is slow. Your visitors are less likely to quit in the middle of loading and more likely to find what they are looking for. However, this amazing feature is only available with Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO. You won’t be able to use this miraculous feature with the free version of Gutenberg.

Specific Category Background Color

Categorizing your content is crucial when it comes to building an engaging website or blog. Without which visitor more often than not find themselves incapable of finding what they are looking for. Most WordPress plugins offer a categorization feature. But Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO brings an extra dimension to categorization with specific category background color. With this amazing feature, you can add an extra layer of background just for your category tags. This goes a long way in discerning one thing from another for the visitors.  This extra layer of background makes it impossible for the visitors to miss it. One doesn’t even have to look for it. It is the first thing that they see. You can change this background color to whatever you like. Different colors of background can be set for different category tags. It helps to differentiate one category tag from another. This amazing feature is only available in Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO. The free version of the plugin does not have this feature.

Specific Category Color

Specific Category Color is another amazing feature that is only available in Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO. The free version of the plugin is deprived of this quirky feature. This feature lets you change the font color of the category tag to whatever you want. Each category can be changed into different colors. If you don’t want to add a specific category background color then this is another efficient way to differentiate your category tags. It is also much easier to find the category tag with the help of this feature. Though this and the specific category background color can be used in the same way, they are much different and bring different aesthetics to your content.

Content Animation

Content Animation is also another feature that is exclusive to Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO users. You won’t be able to use content animation with the free version of Gutenberg. Content animation is a powerful attraction for your visitors. It makes your website snappy and fun to use. Not to mention how it makes it easier for hyperactive people to focus on your content. The right content animation can give the extra edge you need to flourish your content to perfection. There are separate plugins just for content animation. But Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO gives your all in one.

Content Background Color

Many an unfortunate time the color of your content turns out to be the same color as the background. This makes your content seamlessly merge into the background leaving nothing behind. When something like this happens nothing is usually left visible in the eyes of your visitor. All your hard work goes to waste due to this trifle technical inconvenience. However Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO makes sure this never happens to you. Whenever the color of your content matches with that of the background Gutenberg changes the background color so that your content stays perfectly visible. Long gone are the days of trifle technical errors with Gutenberg’s PRO version. However, this feature is not available with the free version of Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin.

Priority Support

We at Gutenberg give priority to our user-base above everything else. Our technical support is always there within your reach 24/7. Though we give support to all our users, those using Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO are given priority over others. Our firsthand services are here at your disposal 24/7. We are here to solve your every issue, answer every little question and suggest whatever is best for you. With Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO you are our number 1 priority. However, this exclusive support is only for those who are using Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO. 

Final Remarks

Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO is familiar enough for old users to engage in and novel enough for new users to get started with. This Ultimate version of Gutenberg keeps all the good of the free version while improving on all the shortcomings. It also adds a plethora of easy to use, intuitive features. Compared to the free version, it is brimming with content. Gutenberg Post Blocks PRO Plugin doesn’t help you create your website or blog, it creates it for you. So without further delay Get Gutenberg Post blocks PRO NOW.

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