Designing a Gaming Blog in 2024 with the Gaming Template 2!

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Designing a Gaming blog with the Gaming Template 2

Designing a gaming blog in 2024 can be challenging. There are a couple of reasons behind this: 

  1. The gaming crowd is always on the lookout for something extravagant! 
  2. It doesn’t care for hoaxes – only the latest stuff prevails.
  3. They care about originality – what you, as a gaming blogger, bring to the table.

These are just a couple of reasons why some gaming bloggers are on top of their game. Others don’t really make it! 

Unfortunately, it is the harsh reality.  

In today’s post, we will be discussing briefly about the 3 points we mentioned earlier. The first point, designing your blog to be extravagant, will be the key point of discussion. 

And yes, the blog design features one of our newest gaming templates – the Gaming Template 2!

Designing Your Site with the Gaming Template-2! 

The GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6)  trailer was one of the most anticipated things in the gaming community. As a matter of fact, it broke all release records on YouTube!

Our design team was adamant to not let it go: 

“We are a fan of GTA. We have to build something around it!”

– Rijwan, on behalf of the Design Team

And so we did! Presenting the brand new Gaming Design (Gaming Template 2) for PostX:

Designing a Gaming Blog with the Gaming Layout 2
Gaming Layout 2

The GTA 6-inspired gaming template is a multi-purpose PostX Layout that: 

  1. Offers a clean, elegant, yet, funky GTA-vibe
  2. Cover various categories of gaming news 
  3. Granular-level control for blog content management 

The GTA Vibe is Real!

One of the great things about the gaming layout 2 is its vibe. It’s clean, and extravagant – releasing a funky vibe all around. The colors, typography, etc. scream about the world of GTA.

GTA Vibe
GTA Vibe

“We wanted the gaming bloggers out there to celebrate the release of such an iconic game!”

– Rijwan

***The Pro design is a 1-click import template, meaning you don’t have to spend your time designing anything. All you have to do is import it – and your site is ready! 

Cover Every Important Category on Your Site 

Another great thing about the layout is its open nature. It will help you cover every major aspect of your blog. 

For example, if you wanted to talk about some interesting facts about GTA 6, you could configure the post slider at the very top of the page to show that exact post. 

Different Post Categories
Different Post Categories

Or perhaps you are looking to cover some information about “Easter Eggs” in video games. There are dedicated sections of the blog where you can do so! 

Highly Configurable Set of Settings 

The UK Managing Director of gameradar+, Josh West said that there will be something to do for everyone in the GTA 6 world. 

It’s true for the Gaming Template 2 as well. 

This is not just a feature of the gaming layout, it’s a feature of the PostX plugin. From the very beginning, the plugin was proud of one thing: 

How customizable it is for bloggers and solo site owners! 

The scenario remains the same with the new gaming design 2! Here’s an example: 

If you wanted to share some of your special content in the middle part of the blog (this is just an example, you could keep them anywhere!), you could use the Advanced Query feature of PostX to show the exact posts. 

***If you wanted to start from the very top, we have a step-by-step guide to create a gaming blog. It will help you create your very own gaming blog from scratch!

Share Your Latest Exploits Fast! 

The gaming community is very unforgiving! Whoever is successful in this field, will tell you one thing: 

“Share your thoughts, takes, or anything original – FAST!” 

So, it would not be cool to wait around to see what others are doing and share it later. Anything that’s “Old News” may not be acceptable to your audience. 

Don’t Try to be Someone Else

This is another grave mistake you can make if you are just starting out. 

You have a great design, you are publishing content on a daily basis. But, they do not resonate with who you are! 

That’s bad… 

Because we are not just releasing the gaming template to make your site beautiful. The beauty, the vibe, needs to be one with your personality – who you are as a gamer, who you want as your audience. 

Other Things You Should Know…

As a gaming blogger (assuming you want to be one), you need to a couple of more rules: 

Educate Yourself on Basic SEO 

Since you are building your blog on WordPress, it couldn’t hurt to educate yourself on some SEO plugins. You already have a great website, now all you need to do is make Google and other search engines recognize that. PostX works with a variety of SEO plugins, you may want to check those out. 

Go Social! 

It would be a waste if you didn’t share any of your great content on social media. Millennials are dependent on social media, and gaming on these platforms is known to be well-received! Especially, big figures in the community receive a lot of attention on these platforms. 

We are not saying you’d be famous immediately. That’s not going to happen. 

But going social will definitely help people notice your content! 

You Could Sell Merch!

This is the next step that comes as your popularity grows as a blogger. 

Selling merch could work great with your blogging. After you’ve built a great site and built yourself within your audience, you could work on various platforms like G-fuel, Scuff, etc. to bring out your custom gear. 

***What if you wanted to share the latest gaming news quickly? In that case, you may want to look at our front end submission feature. PostX comes with other such great features.

Build Your Gaming Blog with Ease 

The new gaming design template from PostX offers you: 

  1. Take advantage of the latest vibe in gaming
  2. Work effortlessly to build a blog just the way you want 
  3. Share your original content

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming days. We want you to work with the latest vibe that’s going to help build your brand online! 

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