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Food Layout 2

Hello PostX lovers! today we are introducing a new layout for PostX. It is the 2nd variation of the food layout for those who want to create a custom home page for food or recipe blogs within a few clicks.

This new starter pack will help you stand out from your site compared to other sites in the food/recipe niche. You just need to keep adding new posts about your desired recipe or foods and leave the crafting task to the layout. It will craft a beautiful-looking home page by organizing your posts with a pre-structured layout.

Explore Food Layout Demo

Why Choose This Food Layout?

You can find various templates for your Food blog. So it is normal if you ask why should you choose PostX’s template to get started. The PostX Starter Packs are better than any other templates. Keep reading the details below find out answers to questions you might have.

Food Layout 2 Demo

Simple and Elegant Hero Section

Starter with the hero section which is the main section of any WordPress blog or news magazine site. This layout comes with a simple and elegant design. It has a background color and four specific posts. You can change the color to match your site’s vibe and choose desired specific posts using the advanced query builder of PostX.

Simple and Elegant Hero Section

Unique Recent Posts Section

The sections are sorted with recent posts with a right sidebar-like section. As we, know, PostX templates don’t offer a sidebar. However, that doesn’t stop you display sidebar elements. You can display desired elements, content, posts, or any kind of information using the Wrapper blocks of posts. And, will be displayed as like a sidebar.

Gorgeous Popular Posts Section

We have also crafted nice-looking popular post sections. Where we have displayed popular recipes among the visitors. You can also sort your posts based on popular, comments, recently published/modified, random, etc using the advanced query builder of PostX.

Full Customization Options

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the Starter Packs is the customization freedom. You may know, that all PostX templates are built with its post blocks. So you can choose and customize each of the sections specifically. As PostX comes with all essential customization options, you can achieve any kind of simple to complex design.

1 Click Import

Another interesting fact is that you can add this template to any page with a single click. Click on the block library once you are editing any page to explore the pre-made patterns and templates. Click on the import button once you find the template that meet your requirements and it will be added to the page instantly.

Synchronization Feature

Synchronize now
Explore Food Layout Demo

Stay Tuned for More!

Don’t forget to let us know your opinion about this Food Layout. And, stay tuned for more starter packs as we will keep releasing new starter packs on regular basis.

Please let us know about your opinion about the latest Food layout. Your suggestions and feedback will help us to deliver do better as we are releasing templates regularly.

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