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PostX Dynamic Site Builder

Hello PostX Lovers! Are you excited about the Dynamic Site Builder? We are ready to surprise you with the updated version of PostX.

PostX Builder addon has evolved into a modern Dynamic site builder. Our Development team has been cooking it for a long time. We can’t wait further to share with you after start tasting the offerings. But the question is are you ready for the heat? Do let us know in the comment section.


Explore the Premade templates available for the pages of your site.


Import the template and start creating your custom layouts of desired pages.


Customize the templates if required, edit conditions and publish. That’s all.

Redesign Your Full Website

Enjoy complete designing control of the layouts of your site within the Gutenberg ecosystem.

Gutenberg Site Builder
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What Makes the PostX: Dynamic Site Builder So Special?

There are lots of site builders available for WordPress users. So it is totally okay if you are thinking why it is a special one. There are many reasons behind this that make us so proud of it. Check out the following reasons for which the PostX Dynamic Site Builder.

Premade Templates for All Pages

Don’t want to create templates from scratch? Actually, you don’t need to. Because the dynamic site builder also offers premade templates for Home Page, Blog Page, Single post, Archive, Category, Search, Date, and all other pages.

Premade Category Templates
Premade Category Templates

You just need to explore and import the one you like, publish and see how it looks on the front end. However, you can also make changes after importing templates if required.

Single Posts Premade Templates
Single Posts Premade Templates

18+ New Blocks

The new PostX Site Builder comes with more than 18 new blocks to dynamically build templates that will be followed by blog posts of sites. And, like all other blocks of PostX, you can customize these new blocks to display the elements of the posts exactly how you want.

New Blocks
New Blocks

Drag and Drop Building Blocks

While building dynamic templates from scratch you can drag and drop the blocks to your desired position. So that, the particle blocks you have placed on the templates will dynamically preview the static contents.

Create Dynamic Templates/Layouts

As I said earlier in this blog post you will get a dynamic building option with the dynamic site builder. And, it is applicable for all the pages of your site no matter which theme you are using. Not only that, you don’t need to be dependent on the theme layouts. Because PostX takes full control of the body part of your site. Only the header and footer will be controlled by your theme. However, you can easily alter the header and footer using the theme customizer option.

Ease of Condition Selection

While creating or modifying templates for any pages or posts you need to work with condition selection. Because you have to decide and select, which pages/posts you want to create the templates. It could be for all categories or specific category pages what’s so ever. It can be confusing if not properly organized. So we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. You can change the condition anytime while editing or after publishing the templates.

Condition Selection
Condition Selection

Manage Custom Templates Effortlessly

All the templates that you have created from scratch or imported from the templates library will be displayed in the all templates section. So that, you can easily, edit and manage all the templates with ease!

Manage All Templates
Manage All Templates

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Stay Tuned for More

More exciting features are in the development phase. And, we will keep working on it until it becomes the number one choice for WordPress users who want to make their sites visually appealing that stand out from the competitors.

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