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Fashion Layout 2 – A Stylist Starter Pack of ProductX

  • By: Omith Hasan
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WooCommerce is one of the best solutions for creating an eCommerce store. The main reason for the popularity of WooCommerce is its simplicity and easy-to-use functionalities. However, WooCommerce has some limitations too. Especially the designs are too old for creating idol eCommerce stores.

Fortunately, ProductX got your back. You would be glad to know that, we have recently introduced a Fashion Layout to enrich the ProductX design library. 

The newly added layout is a special one for those who want to provide an amazing shopping experience with a stylist visually appealing landing page instead of an ordinary product listing page. This single layout can make your WooCommerce store stand out from your competition. And, you can easily grab the attention the potential buyers towards the highlighted products.

Explore Fashion Layout Demo

Why This Fashion Layout is So Special?

There are so many eCommerce layouts available. So it is okay if you are thinking that, why we are highlighting is one. Well, every eCommerce site should have a niche-focused layout. Especially, the store is focused on selling single-categorized products.

After observing numerous online stores we felt that a stylist and visually appealing layout is a must if someone wants to sell only fashionable items on their WooCommerce store.

So with this thought, our design, and development team has come together and crafted this amazing layout. Not only for this one, but the same development cycle is also followed for crafting all layouts of ProductX. That’s why call these Starter Packs instead of just layouts. Don’t trust me? You don’t need to just take a look at the following offerings of this special layout.

Stylish Hero Section

Displaying a hero section is one of the most effective strategies to grab the audience’s attention on the first visit. So we have also crafted a stylist hero section at the top of the layout. You can change the image with your desired image. It will not only wow your shoppers but you can also make highlight any of your products.

Fashion Layout 2 - A Stylist Starter Pack of ProductX
Stylish Hero Section

Trendy Latest Products Section

You can see the highlighted latest products section. On the left side, we have added a big image that can be replaced with the desired one and linked to a product. And, on the right, you see a product grid that displays the latest products. However, you can also sort the products by popularity or any of your desired criteria using the product query builder.

Fashion Layout 2 - A Stylist Starter Pack of ProductX
Trendy Latest Products Section

Highlighted Sales Offer

Offering sales is a common strategy to increase sales. It is frustrating if the potential buyers are not viewing the sales offer. We also felt that, so that is why we have added a special section that highlights the on-sale products of your store.

Fashion Layout 2 - A Stylist Starter Pack of ProductX
Highlighted Sales Offer

Responsive Design

One of the most frustrating issues of online stores is their responsiveness. But with ProductX, you don’t need not worry anymore. Because the new fashion layout is responsive like all other layouts of ProductX. So that, the shoppers will see exactly what you want to show them no matter which device they are using.


If you are already using ProductX on your site, you can easily add this new layout to the template kit section. For that, you just need to click on the synchronize button and all new layouts will be added and will be ready to import.

Fashion Layout 2 - A Stylist Starter Pack of ProductX
Synchronize Layout

1 Click Import

You would be glad to know that, you can import the layout to any page with a single click. While editing any page with ProductX, just click on the template kit option and you will see all available layout and pattern options. Choose your desired one and click on the import button. That’s all your desired layout will be added to the page you are editing.

Explore Fashion Layout Demo

Stay Tuned For More

That’s about the new fashion layout of ProductX. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the layout in the comment section. Stay connected with us to be up to date with the most exciting plugins. More exciting and conversion-focused features will be coming soon. Some of them are right around the corner.

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