How to Add WordPress Social Share Button

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How to Add WordPress Social Share Button

Want to add social share buttons in WordPress? People devote the majority of their online time to social networking websites.

Bloggers must interact with their readers/users. And social media must be the simplest method of escape. As a result, they are now one of the largest venues for connecting with people and promoting your business.

Social media share buttons make it very simple for users to share your content on social networks. Once you’ve added them to your website, users may share your content with a single click. This will ultimately increase blog traffic and conversion rates.

Adding social share buttons to WordPress posts and pages is the easiest method for achieving this goal.

This post will demonstrate how to add social share buttons and display share counts in WordPress with little effort.

Why Use Social Share Buttons in WordPress? 

Social media is one of the most significant media for sharing your work. According to Oberlo, there will be approximately 3.96 billion social media users globally in 2022. And it is projected to reach over 4.41 billion by 2025.

The magnitude of social media’s influence may be imagined based on these data. But, if that isn’t enough to persuade you, we’ve listed some additional advantages of adding share buttons to your WordPress blog below.

More Traffic to Your Website

Social Share buttons enable your readers/customers to share your content on social media, exposing it to their followers and friends. They will read your works and share them with others if they like them, forming a chain. Therefore, increasing website traffic.

Generate More Leads and Sales

Lead generation is the process of converting prospective consumers into actual buyers. Simply put, you convince your consumers to buy your items. Once you have earned the trust and loyalty of your clients, they may boost your sales.

With this button, your dedicated consumers may share your blog entries and web pages with their social networks. This will attract additional users, some of whom may ultimately become paying clients. Consequently, you will create more leads and revenues.

Grow Brand Reputation

Using the social share buttons, your customers/readers can simply promote your items or posts on their timelines. As more people continue to do this, your brand’s reputation will increase, allowing you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

What does the PostX Social Share Provide?

Social Share by PostX is a Gutenberg-based block. Likewise, PostX’s single-post builder provides access to a greater variety of blocks. With these blocks, it is simple to create customized single-post templates. Here you may learn how to construct a template for a single post from scratch. Social share is no different, as it helps you to show your desired sharing buttons on your site.

How to Add Social Share Button in WordPress?

Now that we know about social share, let’s know how to use it on your website.

Installing PostX

First, you’ll need to install the PostX plugin from the WordPress Directory.

To add a new plugin:

  1. Go to the Plugins section and click on add new.
  2. Search PostX and click the Install Now option.
  3. Click the activate button to finish the installation.
  4. Then you have to create a single post template.

Adding Social Share Blocks

Social Share Buttons
Social Share Buttons

What to do if you’re creating a website from scratch and customizing everything? So, now you need to add a social share block to continue the process.

Well, PostX has your back. You can also type “/” then write social share to get it or click the add block (the plus icon on the left) to add it to your page.

Customization Settings of WordPress Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons Settings
Social Share Buttons Settings

Once you import or add social share, you’ll see several customization options on the right sidebar.

There are quite a few customization options PostX provides. So let’s check out some customization settings that PostX is offering.

In General settings, You’ll be able to enable or disable different social options using a toggle bar. Also, you can showcase your sharing options vertically or horizontally. Then, for every social option, you can sort fields by modifying the label, icon/image, and style.

In the item settings options, you’ll be able to modify your button’s position, alignment, and spacing.

You can also showcase the label and count via PostX’s customization settings. Nevertheless, you can also make your social share buttons sticky just like making posts sticky.

How to Show Share Label & Count in Social Share Buttons?

Another fantastic thing about these buttons is showing the shared label and share count. With PostX, you can easily show the shared label and count, enabling it via the toggle bar. This option will showcase how often your content has been shared.

PostX gives you complete customization freedom, from label styling to changing the color of the border, background, and texts to typography and so much more. This gives you complete freedom to revamp your social share icon, labels, and texts.

How to Make Social Share Buttons Sticky?

You might be wondering that PostX allows you to make your sharing buttons sticky. Enabling this option will not only give you the control of making the social buttons sticky but also gives various modification options.

You can change the display style just like we’ve mentioned before while making it responsive.


So, we talked about a fantastic WordPress Gutenberg block-based plugin, PostX, and how you can quickly add social buttons. Moreover, giving literally COMPLETE control of the customization, modification, alteration, and whatever you call it. 

We hope that PostX gives you the freedom to showcase your social share buttons with style. And best wishes for your upcoming endeavors.

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