WholesaleX – Back in Action and More Powerful Than Ever

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WholesaleX Back in Action

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Do you have a WooCommerce store? Trying to introduce B2B functionalities to your store? Serving B2B customers along with B2C customers requires lots of features. You need to get multiple plugins to ensure all the required features.

However, managing too many plugins on one site can be frustrating. Not only it brings conflict with each other, but it also slows down your website.

We’ve helped tons of WooCommerce store owners reach their potential, and now we’re taking on wholesalers onboard!

Introducing WholesaleX, the complete WooCommerce B2B solution. It has all the required features an ideal B2B store should have. We have made WholesaleX even better with the new and improved stable release.

What Is WholesaleX?

WholesaleX WooCommerce B2B solution is the most complete and Simplest solution to build and manage B2B or B2B+B2C hybrid stores with ease. With tons of features, this single plugin is enough for wholesalers to smartly add prices and configure discounts completely.

You can start with exclusive wholesale pricing or quantity-based tiered pricing. However, you can also provide discounts based on multiple criteria. In short, WholesaleX is the best choice for WooCommerce B2B store owners who want to increase their revenue and grow their business.

What’s New in the New and Upgraded WholesaleX?

You probably already know about the WholesaleX plugin, as it’s already captured so much attention with its initial release. But it is now even better with exciting new features, and we have also improved previous features. With the latest version of WholesaleX, you can get the following features:

Explore the Features of WholesaleX

As mentioned, WholesaleX is a complete solution to create and manage B2B+B2C hybrid stores in WooCommerce. Now let’s explore the features and what we can do with them. 

User Roles Management

WholesaleX is mostly known for its easy-to-manage functionalities, starting with managing group users with roles. WordPress and WooCommerce provide some essential roles. But those are not enough to manage B2B stores. That’s why WholesaleX comes with the option to create unlimited B2B roles. You can easily create your desired roles and assign users to the roles, so you can manage multiple users simultaneously, whether you want to facilitate or restrict with conditions.

User Roles
User Roles

Subaccounts Management

We have also included the subaccount creation options. So you can empower the registered users of your store to create subaccounts. So the subaccount holder can deal with you without the main account holder.

Registration Form Builder

You have created User Roles, but how will you manage customer acquisition? Yes, WooCommerce has a registration form on its “My Account Page.” But is it really enough for the perfect Wholesale stores?

Registration Form Builder
Registration Form Builder

Don’t worry WholesaleX got your back. The Registration Form Builder allows us to create a custom registration form. Not only that, but the form builder also allows us to create a separate registration and login page for B2B users. 

Wholesale Bulk Order Form

The Bulk Order Form is one of the most important features that all wholesale stores should have. It allows customers to quickly create order lists using categories and tag filters. Then they can add the products to the cart and place the order. Or they can also save the order list as a purchase list if they want to order them later. The purchase list is also effective for customers who order the same products regularly. 

Bulk Order Form
Bulk Order Form

WholesaleX Wallet

WholesaleX also comes digital wallet that can be used as a payment method. The registered users can see the wallet on their “My Account.” To start using it, they must add funds using regular payment methods. Or the store owner can also manually add funds to the user’s wallet.

WholesaleX Wallet
WholesaleX Wallet

Dynamic Rules: Wholesale Pricing & Discounts

Setting wholesale prices or providing discounts can be tricky and frustrating if you don’t use the right solution. There are lots of wholesale pricing plugins available in the WordPress directory. All of them come with the same offerings. But then processes are difficult to follow and understand. 

dynamic rules
Dynamic Rules

But it’s not with WholesaleX, as we have already claimed it is the simplest solution.

The Dynamic Rule is the one-stop solution to provide discounts to B2B customers based on various criteria, including

  • Product Discount 
  • Quantity-Based Tiered Pricing 
  • Cart Discount
  • Payment Discount
  • Min and Max Order Quantity
  • Payment Order Quantity
  • Buy X Get 1 Free (Bogo Discount)
  • Buy X Get Y

All of these discount options can be configured based on users or user roles (group of users) so that you can provide different offerings to different users. It will help you increase your loyal customer base without compromising revenues.

WooCommerce Private Store

Want to make your site private from Guest or B2B users? With Wholesale, you can do that with a single click. So when unregistered users come to your online store, they will be required to the registration & login page or any other page you want.

Private Store
Private Store

If you also don’t want specific products or products of specific categories instead of the full store, WholesaleX has options for that too. You can also hide products from any B2B user(s). In short, WholesaleX has all the options that one ideal Private Store plugin should have. 


The conversation features makes it easier to stay connected with the users. Once you enable this feature, the registered users will see a conversation area on their “My Account Page.” From there, they can send you messages. The messages can be differentiated into two types: inquiry and regular messages.


Request a Quote

Having trouble converting visitors into customers? One of the main reasons for the low conversion rate is high pricing. Suppose you are unsure whether your pricing is competitive or not. You can let the shopper request a quote. So, they start to negotiate with you to reduce the price. And you get the opportunity to convert them into customers.

Request a Quote
Request a Quote

Why Is WholesaleX Better Than Other B2B Solutions?

Most of the B2B plugins offer only wholesale pricing adding options. Some plugins offer different features like wholesale bulk order forms, private stores, etc. But can you name a plugin that offers all essential features in one plugin? 

The first name that would come to everyone’s mind is WholesaleX, as it is the simplest and most complete solution. It will save you money and maintain your site’s loading time.

Write Your B2B Success Stories with WholesaleX 

You are still with us, so you already why you should start using WholesaleX. The smartest decision would be to get it now and start serving B2B customers without compromising the services of the B2C users. It can improve your revenue and grow your business within a short period.

Stay Tuned for More!

So what are you waiting for? Start building a successful B2B business with WholesaleX. And stay connected with us for guides, tutorials, and strategies to increase earnings and grow your business. Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comment section. You can also contact our support team for faster response.

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