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Introducing New Tech News Layout for PostX

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Tech News Layout

We are very happy to announce that we have released the first tech news layout also Known as Starter Pack PostX.

It is for the WordPress users who are maintaining or want to create sites or blogs in the Tech niche. Like all ways the design team of WPXPO has come up with a fresh and elegant design and the development team has converted the design into a Starter Pack.

So we are delivering a furnished work, that took hours of hard work and multiple team meetings. We have we hope PostX users will like it and stay tuned for future updates.

What Makes the Tech News Layout So Special?

There are numerous Tech News templates or layouts available with both free and paid options. So, why you should try it? Well, a layout, template, or starter pack whatever you say, is for creating the home page. Not only for tech news but for any kind of site or blog home page is the most important page.

We also know that, so we give extra effort and try to sure every essential thing is present in an organized way. We have tried to do the same for Tech News Layout as well. We believe that is a unique and better design in many ways. Don’t believe me?

Check out the below features that make the Tech News Layout special and better compared to ordinary templates/layouts.

1 Click Import for PostX users

All PostX users already know that the starter packs have one lick importing option from the block library. So that, anyone can create come a custom home page with a few clicks using the PostX plugin.

Introducing New Tech News Layout for PostX
Tech News Layout

Mind-Blowing News Ticker

Say hi! to the newest member of the PostX which is the News Ticker block. Although it is a block for PostX it can compete with any self-independent News Ticker plugins. It is a complete solution with lots of features and customization options. So that, the PostX users don’t need to install any other plugins or themes that contain the news ticker feature.

Introducing New Tech News Layout for PostX
Tech News Layout

A new look of Post Grid 2 Blocks

As PostX is known as one of the best Post Grid plugins, the post grid blocks are well known by all who know about PostX. But the Post Gird 2 block has evolved to the next level and we have used it at the top position of the tech news starter pack.

Post Grid 2
Post Grid 2

Synchronization Feature for the Existing users

If you are already using the PostX plugin and to explore the new starter pack for tech news you have to add it to the list of starter packs in the block library. For that, you can use the Synchronization button from the block library section.


Customization options

Different person has their own choices and we respect that. The design, colors, or typography that looks from our point of view may now also be like by you.

So that, like all other starter packs of PostX, the Tech News layout also comes with full customization options. So you can make any kind of changes or adjustments you want.

Stay Tuned for More!

Now, you should start exploring the new starter pack for Tech News sites or blogs. We hope, everyone will like the new layout for PostX. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestion and stay tuned for more starter packs.

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