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Starter Sites

Building WordPress sites are easy but it takes too much time. We understand the feeling. That’s why we have brought the perfect solution for you. It will change the way of building websites with PostX.

Our development team has been working on it for so long. Today it’s ready and we can’t wait any longer to share with you. Be ready to be surprised!

Transformation from Starter Packs to Starter Sites

starter packs to sites

Do you know why PostX is the first choice of 40,000 WordPress users? The obvious answer is Starter Pakcs. However, it was still not the best solution as these are only home page templates. So the users need to make the other pages of their sites manually. PostX also has templates for all other pages. But those don’t follow the same design standards as the Starter Pack templates.

So we have decided to improve and transform them into starter sites. Now you are getting similar designs for all essential pages instead of the only home page. Not only that, but you are also getting global customization options including:

Global Typography Option: Explore the available typography options until you get your desired one. Change typography for the whole site with a single click.

Global Color Pallets: Choose from professionally designed color pallets that properly reflect your website’s style and brand identity.

Dark/Light Mode: All of our starter sites come with the Dark Mode feature. Both you and your readers can switch between the dark and light modes.

Starter Sites – Complete Sites on Your Finger Tips

Say goodbye to the complicated process and say hello to the PostX Starter Sites. A fast-growing collection of numerous premade websites. Whether you want to build News, Magazine, or Blogging sites, we have a ready solution for every niche. So get started with the latest version of PostX and experience a faster website-building process.

Import Complete Site With Three Simple Steps

So are you ready to build your site? Of course, you are, as the building process is now faster and better. You would be amazed to know that, you only need three simple steps to build your site with the Starter Packs.


Explore the available premade sites, and choose your desired one.


Play with the global settings, color, typography, and dark/light mode.

Go Live

Hit on the import button once you are satisfied, your site will be ready in minutes.

Use Individual Page Templates

Don’t want to import the full site at once. Don’t worry we got your back. You can import any page separately whether it is a static or a dynamic template.

For importing any of the dynamic templates, you need to use PostX’s Dynamic Site Builder. Navigate to PostX >> Site Builder and click on the option for which you want to use a premade template. You can import any of the available templates and customize them as per your requirements.

Import Individual Templates

Go to the page or create a new one for which you want to import a static template. Click on the Template Kit option. Here you will see all available starter site templates. Click on a starter site to explore all available templates of that site. Import your desired and click on the publish button.

Customization Freedom 

PostX is well known for its flexible customization options. Don’t worry we are not taking out the control from you. You can enjoy the same customization freedom with Starter Sites as well. Once you import any Starter Sites, all dynamic templates will be available in the Site Builder section. And, static templates will be available in the page section. So you can customize all sections of each template as before.

PostX Global Styles

The global options allow you to change the style of your entire site at once. You are not getting the options while importing the Starter Sites but you can also use them while editing any page.

PostX Global Styles

Here, you can switch between, dark/light mode, and choose your desired typography and color pallets. However, you also have the option of specific typography for the body and heading.

Starter Sites for Everyone!

PostX Starter Sites is the most advanced and cost-effective solution for everyone who wants to build fast-loading websites with ease. Check how it can help you:

Bloggers: We have ready sites for every niche. So you can easily build and manage your sites efficiently no matter which niche you choose for your blogging journey.

Marketers: Get advantages of the gorgeous layouts grab the reader’s attention and build in SEO integration to write your success stories faster & better.

Freelancers: Build News Magazine sites and any kind of Blog as per your client’s requirements. Impress them by delivering visually stunning websites faster.

Agencies: PostX has the perfect designs, features, and pricing plans for agencies. Grab the Limitime Unlimited plan today and keep building sites without any renewal charges.

Grab PostX Today and Save Big!

You are also part of the incredible improvements of PostX. Thank you for your support and feedback. Let’s celebrate the launch together. Join us for the celebration and enjoy up to 45% discount on PostX Pro. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock all Starter Sites at a single price and build any kind of site fast.

Stay Tuned for More!

We are not stopping here. More amazing and advanced Starter Sites are in the pipeline. We have a continuous development plan for releasing new ready sites regularly. So stay connected with us and don’t miss the opportunity to get all existing and upcoming Starter Sites. Feel free to let us know your suggestions and feedback in the comment section. Keep showing your love and support for PostX.

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