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Sports News layout 3

Hello PostX lovers! We are back again with another PostX Starter Pack. The 3rd Sports News layout is a special one for the upcoming Qatar World Cup 2022.

However, you can also it this one or any other sports layout for creating any kind of sports news site. This layout will help your site to stand out from other sites in this sports blog/news niche sites.

Explore Sports News Layout 3 Demo

Benefits of Sports Layout 3

You can find so many templates for your sports blog or news site. But we can promise that no other templates stand a chance against PostX starter sits. Don’t believe us? Well, you don’t have to. Continue reading and decide yourself whether you want the flexibility of PostX sports layout 3 or not.

Sports News Layout 3 Preview

Gorgeous Hero Section

Starter with the hero section which is the main section of any WordPress sports blog or news site. This layout comes with a gorgeous hero section. It has a big featured post at the center and four other posts on the left and right sides of the grid. You can change the layout of the particular grid to match your site’s vibe and choose desired specific posts using the advanced query builder of PostX.

Gorgeous Hero Section

Trendy News Section

In this section, the trading posts section is displayed on an elegant carousel. If are already using PostX for some time, you should know that our Post slider blocks also can be transformed into a post carousel within a single click. Like all other blocks, the slider blocks of PostX also come with multiple designs or I would say patterns. And the post carousel is one of the most popular design variations of the post slider block.

Trendy News Section

Popular Posts Section (Last 7 Days)

This section showcases the most popular posts of the last 7 days. You can change the criteria from 7 to 1 or 30 days. Not only popular posts, but you can also display posts based on any criteria using the PostX Query builder. And, the Query builder is available for all post blocks of PostX.

Full Customization Options

Not only post sorting all of PostX’s Starter packs have numerous customisation options. So that, you can customize with full flexibility. All of our Starter Packs are built by combining the post blocks. So you are free to add, remove, or choose from premade designs to achieve any kind of layout. 

1 Click Import

The best part is we have kept the layout importing system so easy that you can import with a single click. You can find the sports layout along with all other templates in the template library section. It is available on all of your site’s pages. And, if you can also use this template while editing a page with your favorite page builders as well.

Synchronization Feature

If you are already using PostX and want to explore the new sports news layout ASAP! you can synchronize it with a single click. Just click on the synchronize button while editing a page with PostX.

Synchronize Sports News
Explore Sports News Layout Demo

Stay Tuned for More!

Hope you will like the new template. Feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section. So that we can understand your requirements better and improve our upcoming Starter Packs.

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