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Magazine Layout – PostX: Starter Pack Thursday

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Magazine Layout

Hello PostX users, It’s Thursday and we are back again with another Starter Pack. Magazine Layout is the fifth starter pack of PostX that covers the magazine niche.

The magazine-themed websites often include a great deal of material, including photographs and videos. However, to make a website that looks like a proper and readers-friendly magazine, bloggers, fashionistas, and even casual media enthusiasts who want to craft a magazine site need flexible layouts that give you a media-ready design for your site. And that’s why WPXPo is happy to share a magazine layout specially catered towards them.

PostX Starter Pack Thursday

So, are excited to explore what’s new in it? Well, guess what! the true PostX lover already know what was coming. How? we have a dedicated page for PostX: Starter Pack Thursday so that you can frequently check what’s combined next.

What makes the Magazine layout so special!

Like always, our development and design team came together to craft the fifth special layouts that cover the magazine niche. We don’t try to increase the layout counts. Our approach is to make every layout have its uniqueness and some value to the PostX users. That’s we call them Start Packs instead of just templates. Keep reading and learn more about this starter pack that makes it a special one.

starter pack for magazine

Unique Hero Section

Unique Hero Section
Unique Hero Section

As I have already said, we always try to bring something unique, we have crafted a unique hero section. It represents the posts in a smaller format. You can sort the posts by using the query builder of PostX, doesn’t matter if you want to display popular, most discussed posts or custom posts.

Organized Recent Posts Section

Organized Recent Posts Section
Organized Recent Posts Section

The recent posts section is right after the hero section. It represents the latest or recently published posts sorted by the query builder. And, we have assigned specific colors for the categories using our Category addon.

Popular, Trending, and Highlighted Posts section

We have displayed the popular, trending, and highlighted posts all together so that, the visitors can explore more posts within a single frame. After all, as site owners, our main intention should be to satisfy the visitors.

Full Customization Options

Like all other starter packs, the fifth Magazine layout also comes with a full customization section. The starter packs are a combination of multiple post blocks. You can easily change and modify each of the blocks and the elements of the blocks.

1 Click Import

Our aim is to make things easier for you. So we made it possible to import the whole starter pack within a single click. If you want to explore or start using any of our starter packs, just click on the block library and you will see all the starter packs are listed.

Synchronization Feature

Synchronization Feature

If you are already using PostX, you can add the latest starter packs to the block library with a single click on Synchronize button. So that, you don’t need to go to the plugins section and update the plugin.

Stay Tuned for More!

Whether you love the new magazine layout or not. Don’t forget to come back again and check what’s new, in the PostX: Starter Pack Thursday. And, feel free to comment below to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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