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Effective Ways to Reorder Posts in WordPress

Reorder Posts in WordPress

It seems easy to reorder posts in WordPress! But, when you want to reorder posts, you will face a problem. The problem is that WordPress always displays posts in reverse order (newest to oldest).

 For this default setting of WordPress, you cannot arrange the post order as per your demand. 

Whatever, Don’t sweat it! Like every other problem, this one also has solutions. In this writing, you will know how to reorder posts in WordPress as per your requirement. 

Ways to Crack WordPress Default Reverse Post Order

We find out 3 easy ways to resolve the WordPress Posts Reorder problem. Let’s check them: 

  1. Reorder Posts by Changing the Published Date. 
  2. Using Sticky Posts Feature.
  3. PostX Advanced Query Feature for Gutenberg.

Reorder Posts by Changing the Published Date

Changing the published date for reordering posts is a tricky method! This can be considered a solution but not a proper one. Well, what do you need to do here? Nothing special! You just need to change the date of your post. Suppose you change an old post’s published date to a recent one, it will automatically display on the top of your site because of WordPress’s default reverse order. To get an absolute solution, we have PostX which will serve your purpose the proper way.

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 Following Steps To Change Published Date

  • First, go to the Post Section from your WordPress dashboard.
  • You will see a Quick Edit option just below the post title, click on Quick Edit.
  • Here, you will get an option named Date, from where you can change the published date of your post. 
  • Finally, change the date to your desired date and update your post.
Quick Edit
Quick Edit Option

Using Sticky Posts Feature

Sticky Posts is a default WordPress feature through which you can display a specific post on top of all other posts. Suppose, you have a book review site. You have 50 posts on your site. Among them, one of the posts covers reviews for the 10 best books in the World. You want to make the blog your featured content and want to highlight it on the top. WordPress Sticky Posts Feature will help you to do this very easily. 

Following Steps For Using PostX Feature

  • First, go to the Post Section from your WordPress dashboard.
  • You will see an Edit option just below the post title, click on it.
  • While starting edit, you will see the Status & Visibility option, open it. 
  • Here, you will see an option named Stick to the top of the blog with a box.
  • Tick the box and Update the post

To learn more about sticky posts you can check the blog:
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Sticky Posts Feature
Sticky Posts Feature

How to Reorder Posts in WordPress using PostX

As we have already discussed two possible ways to reorder Posts in WordPress, you can now do it yourself following the above steps. But, What if you want more options for reordering? Or, want to reorder posts on a custom home page? Don’t worry; PostX got your back. 

With the help of this single plugin, you can not only create a custom home page but also reorder or sort them based on all essential criteria.

So, If you want something like Jack of all trades, then the PostX plugin will be your best choice. In addition, the PostX developer team has built an Advanced Query feature through which you can easily reorder your posts. 

In the PostX advance query feature, you will get an Order By option. By using this option, you will reorder posts based on multiple criteria, including:

Title (Alphabetical): You can reorder the post alphabetically using this option. For example, suppose the title of a post is Beginners Guideline. In that case, it will come before the category Settings post because B alphabetically comes before C.

Date (Published): Here, you can reorder posts in WordPress by their published date. Suppose you publish a post today. It will display on the top than the previously published posts. 

Date (Last Modified): This setting allows you to reorder the posts according to the last modified date instead of the actual published date.

Random Posts: Here, the post order is arranged randomly instead of alphabetical or published date order. 

Post In (Show Post by Post ID Order): You can reorder posts based on a specific post id/name.

Comment Count: You can reorder the post in WordPress based on the comment count. Suppose one of your posts has 200+ comments, the second one has 100 comments, and the third one has 50 comments. You can reorder these posts based on their total comment count. You can further reorder them in ascending or descending sequences. 

Order By
Order By Option

If you want to change the order of the posts again by ascending or descending order, You can also do that. 

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Ascending and Descending Order
Ascending and Descending Order

Well, this way, you can easily reorder your posts in different ways. But, someone may want to reorder only the specific posts. PostX has a solution for that too.

Go to the Sources option, select specific posts, and then choose your desired specific posts. 

Next, in the PostX Quick Query feature, you will get some quick reorder options:

Latest Posts (Published Date): You can display posts according to the published date. Your recent posts will be shown at the top of your site. 

Latest Posts (Last Modified Date): If you change the actual date and set a custom date, you can order the posts according to the last modified date. 

Oldest Posts: WordPress usually shows the posts in reverse order (new to old). Here with this setting, you can show the old posts on the top of your site. 

Alphabetical: Here, you can order the post either in ascending ( ABCDE) alphabetical order or in descending (EDCBA) alphabetical order. 

Sticky Post: Here, PostX offers you to display sticky posts. If you want, you can also ignore the sticky posts. 

Quick Query
Quick Query Option

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Finally, we believe all your reorder-related issues will resolve through the PostX Query feature. To know more about PostX Query Feature, you can check the attached videos and blogs.

You can check out WordPress video tutorials on our YouTube Channel. Also, find us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates!

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