Advanced Query builder

Sort Posts, Pages, or both of them together based on multiple criteria.

The Advanced Query Builder of PostX lets you display your desired posts, pages, or both based on numerous queries. You can sort them by specific or multiple categories, tags, or from both of them together.

Display Posts/Pages

Display posts, pages, or both of them together using the source options.
  • Posts
    Display posts from desired categories, tags, or from both of them together.
  • Pages
    Display pages as posts to attract visitors towards pages as well.
  • Specific Posts
    Showcase desired specific posts using post ID or post title.
  • Custom Selection
    With the help of this option, you can display posts and pages together using IDs or Titles of the posts and pages of your site.

Display Posts from Specific Categories

Sort posts on your site based on single or multiple desired categories effortlessly. Just select your desired categories and PostX Query will take care of the rest of the things.
Post category sort
Post tag sort

Display Posts from Specific Tags

You can also sort the posts based on tags instead of categories. Just select your desired single or multiple tags, and the rest of the work will be done automatically.

Display Posts from Categories and Tags

Want to sort posts based on categories and tags together? Don’t worry, the PostX query builder also helps to choose multiple taxonomies. You can select both categories and tags together and the posts will be sorted accordingly.
posts taxonomy sort

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Post reorder sort

Reorder Posts

Don’t want to like the order of the sorted posts? Don’t worry just reorder them using the order by option based on alphabetically, publish/modified date, menu order, etc. Or, you can reorder them based on just alphabetical ascending and descending order.

Exclude Posts / Author / Terms

Don’t showcase certain posts or posts from certain authors, categories, and tags? Use excluding options to exclude your desired posts.
post exclude Builder

Quick Query

Display posts, pages, or both of them together using the source options.
  • Popular Posts
  • Random Post
  • Latest / Recent Posts
  • Oldest Posts
  • Sticky Post
  • Most Commented Posts
  • Related Posts
Popular Post sort
Random Post sort
latest Post sort
oldest post sort
sticky post sort
Most comments sort
related post sort

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Blog Page Builder

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