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Woocommerce Product Page Customization Plugin

Woocommerce Product Page Customization Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the best platforms to create online stores with ease. But there are some limitations that you can not customize the Single Product Pages.

Well don’t worry, there is an Exclusive WooCommerce Product Page Customization Plugin available. ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks is an all-in-one plugin to create a fully customized online store. 

ProductX: Exclusive WooCommerce Product Page Customization Plugin

As I have already stated that, ProductX is an all-in-one WooCommerce solution. If you have a WooCommerce store then this plugin can complete the customization of your site without any other plugins. But is it also a good WooCommerce Product Page Customization Plugin?

I would say yes, It has all the features to be the best single page customization plugin. Below are the main reasons that make it a better choice.

Easy Customization Options: The WooCommerce Builder addon of ProductX lets you customize single product pages from scratch. You can customize every portion of the product pages without writing a single code.

Edit Conditions at Any time: You have to decide where you want to display the template before starting customizing it. You can choose from All or Specific product pages, Products under specific categories or tags. However, you can also edit the condition anytime you want.

Gutenberg Ready: The ProductX plugin is fully based on WooCommerce and Gutenberg. So that, you can use all Gutenberg blocks while editing the Single Product Page with the Builder addon of ProductX.

Dedicated Product Block: The Builder of ProductX comes with 13 new Product blocks to customize product pages. You can use and customize them with ease. All the blocks are highly optimized to showcase any kind of product.

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Customize Single Product Page with the WooCommerce Product Page Customization Plugin

You don’t need to be an expert to customize the product page. You can just follow the below steps. But make sure you both of the free and pro versions of ProductX are installed. Because these two versions work together and the Builder addon is a dedicated feature of the Pro version.

1. Turn on Builder Addon

First of all, go to the all builder section of ProductX. Here you will see all available builders. Now, you need to turn on the builder addon to start using it.

Turn on ProductX Builder

2. Create New Template

After turning on the addon you will see a separate section of Builder. From there you can add a new Builder. Give name and select the Single Page Builder. At last, decide and select where you want to use the new template. Then click on save and start editing the template.

Create Single Product Page Template

At first, the template will be empty. So that, you can customize it from scratch. For that, ProductX offers 13 new blocks for the Single Product page. You can use them by combining them with other Gutenberg Blocks. Let me show you how you can do that.

3. Add Customized Product Breadcrumb

Add indication to the current product page location with navigational options. It allows users to understand the current location and navigate through different pages of your site. To add this block you need to click on the plus icon and select the desired block.

Product Breadcrumb

After adding the block you will get the following customization options:

4. Add Gutenberg Custom Column block

Click on the plus icon and add a column block with a 50-50 ratio. So that, you can add a product image on the left and other essential blocks to the right side.

Gutenberg Column block

5. Add Customized Product Image

Now that, you have added the column, click on the plus icon on the left side and add the product image block. Then you can play with the setting options to customize the block.

Product Image Blcok

The Product Image block offers the following options:

6. Add Customized Product Rating

The product rating blocks let the visitors rate and see the rating of the products of your online store. You can add this by deciding the position and clicking the plus icon of the specific position.

Product Rating Blcok

After adding the block you can customize it with the following options:

7. Add Customized Product Title

Now add the Title Block to the right side by clicking on the plus Icon. So that, the Title of the products will be automatically added to all the product pages.

Product Title Block

The Product Title Block of ProductX offers the below customization options:

8. Add Product Short Description

Add short Products descriptions to let users know about the products at a glance. For that, click on the plus icon. Then search and select the Product Short Description Block.

Product Short Description Block

Customize the Block by using the below options:

9. Add Customized Product Additional Info

Product Additional Info shows the Available colors, Weight, Sizes, etc to the buyers to choose the desired products to purchase. Adding this block have a major impact on the conversion rate.

Product Additional Info Block

This block also allows customizing by using the following options:

10. Add Customized Product Price

To add the go to the desired position and click on the plus icon at last select the Product price block. The product prices will be visible to the selected place dynamically.

Product Price Block

After adding the Block you can play with the following customization options:

11. Add Customized Product Stock

Product Stock Block represents the number of specific products available to purchase. You can add the block anywhere but it is recommended to add this before the Add to Cart block.

Product Stock Block

Product Stock Block comes with the following customization options:

12. Add Customized Product Add to Cart

Product Add to Cart blocks helps the users to add their chosen products to the cart later they can browse and select more products and purchase all of them at once.

Product Add to Cart Block

It offers the following options to customize:

13. Add Customized Product Meta

Product meta includes product SKU, category, and tags. This information will automatically be added and you just need to add the Product Meta block.

Product Meta Block

To customize this block you can use the below options:

14. Add Customized Product Tab

Add Product Tab to give the users more information about the products. The Product Tab block of ProductX is the combination of three blocks that includes Product Description, Additional Info, and Reviews. However, You can also add these blocks separately.

Product Tab Block

You can also explore the following customization options:

15. Include Related and Upsell Product

After customizing the single product page with the new product blocks you also should add related and upsell products. It will let them explore more products they may want to buy. For adding Related and Upsell products you can add Post Grid Block and sort the products according to the categories using the Advance query Builder.

Related and Upsell Product

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On-Page Optimization Tips for Product Pages

Having well-designed product pages cant increase the success rate in this competitive market. To gain potential buyers from search engines, you should ensure proper on-page optimizations. For that, you can use the following recommendations.

Choose the Right Keywords: Keywords are the main criteria of On-Page optimization. If you can use the right keyword 50% of your works is done. But If you are focusing on wrong or over competitive keywords then other optimizations can not make sure a better ranking on SERP. Choosing a keyword is not too hard for Product Pages. You can just find low competitive keywords from your competitor’s sites by using Keyword analysis tools like Semrush and Ahref. If you can’t afford an SEO toll don’t worry there’s another way to find keywords. Go to Google search for the Product name and look at the suggestions. Google always shows the phrases/keywords that are mostly searched by the users. Choose the best options and use them on your single product page.

Optimize Title and Meta description: After choosing the keyword use it to write a killer Title to increase the click rate from the Search Engine Result Page. Don’t forget about meta description. To optimize it write a short description of the product and include the targeted keywords in the description.

Use structured data: Using structured can help the search engines to separate product pages from blog posts. Not only that it also opens the possibility to win featured snippets. So always use Product and review Schema for all the single product pages of your online store. You don’t need to be an expert developer to add schemas. If you are using WordPress use the Rank Math plugin. It will help to add custom schemas for the product pages. You can also copy and use any schemas from your competitors also.

Focus on Bounce Rate and Dwell time: To understand whether the on-page optimizations are working or not you can look at the data of the Bounce rate and Dwell time. If the bounce rate is higher then try to decrease it by adding Related and Upsell products. If these are already present then you may need to change the position or design to attract the visitors. Another important indication of understanding SEO efforts is the Dwell time. It is the average time the visitors are spending on your site. You have increased it to increase the SEO visibility and conversation rate.

Avoid Duplicate Content: Content Duplications are the most hated thing by Google. But still, many online stores use the product description from the manufacturer sites. It hurts the SEO efforts. You should avoid the practice of content duplication in order to gain organic traffic from Google. Write your own thoughts and findings of the products to avoid duplications.


That’s all about the WooCommerce Product Page Customization Plugin. Hope you can customize your Single Product pages using the ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks plugin. If you have any other query feel free to leave a comment below.

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