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2.0.7 – 11 AUGUST 2021
New: Show Full Title Button Added
New: Exclude Out of Stock Products Added in Query
New: Synchronization Button Added
Fix: Category Blocks Image Issue Fixed
Fix: Image alt Issue Fix
Fix: Cart Button Style in Quick View Issue Fix
Fix: Settings Overlap Issue Fix
Fix: License Function Issue Fixed
Fix: Remove Roboto Font from Heading Settings
Fix: Reusable Blocks Issue Fix
Update: WordPress 5.8 Compatibility Issue
Update: Feature Page Option Removed
2.0.6 – 10 JUNE 2021
Fix: Product Grid 1 cart issue fix
2.0.5 – 03 JUNE 2021
Update: Rebranding ProductX Plugin
Fix: Product Grid 1 Cart issue fix
2.0.4 – 16 MAY 2021
Update: Performance Improvement
2.0.3 – 07 MAY 2021
Fix: preview CSS broken issue
2.0.2 – 25 APRIL 2021
Fix: Shortcode bug fix
Fix: Can disable pro freature from free
Fix: Add to cart link filter issue
Update: Facebook group link added in readme
2.0.1 – 11 APRIL 2021
New: Backend language translate compatibility
New: Qubely compatibility
New: WPML compatibility
Fix: Pagination field issue
Fix: Product Category Blocks responsive issue
2.0.0 – 25 MARCH 2021
New: Product Grid 4 block added
New: Product Category 2 block added
New: Product Compare addon added
New: Product Flip Image addon added
New: Product Quickview addon added
New: Product Templates addon added
New: Product Wishlist addon added
New: New readymade layout added
New: New readymade section added
New: Order by modified and random added
New: Advanced query builder added
New: Action filter like top sale, most popular, top rated etc. added
Update: Update post grid 1, post grid 2, post grid 3
Update: Heading block updated
Fix: Inner block issue fixed
Fix: Filter issue fixed
1.1.1 – 02 JANUARY 2021
Update: Plugin name rebranding
1.1.0 – 16 DECEMBER 2020
New: Only Parent Category Query Added in Category Blocks
New: Typography Font Weight 800, 900 Added
New: Set Variable Product Not Added in Cart
New: Gutenberg Post Blocks Compatible With Twenty Twenty One Theme
Fix: Filter Issue
Fix: Carousel Issue
Fix: Add to Cart Quantity Issue
Update: Category Blank Image Link Added
Fix: isActive Issue
Fix: Backend Title Special character Issue
Fix: WordPress 5.6 Warning register_rest_route PHP Warning Issue
Fix: Paginaion in Homepage Issue
Fix: Toolbar Import Button Add for WordPress 5.6
1.0.9 – 01 OCTOBER 2020
Fix: Regsiter_rest_route was called incorrectly Issue
Update: Category block link in image Issue
1.0.8 – 18 AUGUST 2020
New: Hide Import Button Disable Option Added
Update: Hide Import Button Design.
1.0.7 – 30 JULY 2020
New: Child Category Option Added in Product Category #1 Query
New: Multisite Support Added
Fix: Show Cart Field Issue Fixed
1.0.6 – 29 MAY 2020
Update: Product Blocks Grid #1 Loadmore Issue Fix
Update: Product Blocks Grid #2 Loadmore Issue Fix
Update: Product Blocks Grid #3 Loadmore Issue Fix
1.0.5 – 21 MAY 2020
Update: Plugins Title and Content
1.0.4 – 20 MAY 2020
New: Add Design Section top of the Setting Panel
Fix: Product Blocks Grid 2 Issue Fix
Fix: Product Blocks Grid #1 Backend Loading Issue Fix
Fix: Product Blocks Grid #3 Backend Loading Issue Fix
Fix: Product Blocks Grid #4 Backend Loading Issue Fix
Fix: Product Blocks List #1 Backend Loading Issue Fix
Fix: Product Category Blocks #1 Backend Loading Issue Fix
1.0.3 – 12 MAY 2020
New: WooCommerce Active Dismiss Notice Option
Fix: AJAX Filter and Pagination not Working for Logout Users
Fix: Category Blocks Image Settings Removed
Fix: Product Grid 3 Alignment Removed
Fix: Category Blocks Count Typography
Fix: Default Arrow Background Color Issue
Fix: Category Blocks Short Description Font Size Issue
Fix: Category Blocks Description Style Issue
1.0.2 – 10 MAY 2020
New: Slider Responsive Breakpoint Settings
New: Pre-made Design Section Added
Fix: Unnecessary Show Quick View Option Disable
Update: Plugins Title and Content
1.0.1 – 4 MAY 2020
New: Layout Import Option Added
Fix: Backend Product Preloader issue Fixed
Update: Product Blcoks (product Grid #3) Icon Update
Update: Product Blcoks (Product Grid #2) Icon Update
1.0.0 – 22 APRIL 2020
New: Initial Version Released
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