heading-icon Product Image Flipper
Flip the product image to another image of the same product
Let the shoppers of your store explore an extra image of the products without visiting the product page.
Image Fliper

Provide Engaging User Experience

The flip image feature helps you to encourage your audience to explore products effortlessly and stay more on your site. And, spending more time on your store increases the chances of conversion.

Flipped to 2nd Image of the Gallery

Enabling the Image Flipping features will flip the product-featured images to the 2nd image of the gallery. So the shoppers can explore the products and make the buying decision faster.

Choose Specific Image

You can also select a specific image to be flipped on hover. It can be any of the images in the gallery or you can also choose any other image as per your requirements.

Hover Animation

The Flip Image features come with 5 built-in hover animations. Explore the animations and choose the one that suits best for your online store.