Partial Payment Addon for ProductX - WPXPO
heading-icon Partial Payment

Let the visitors get their desired product right away

The partial payment system helps the buyers to get their desired products without paying the full amount.

Easy to Configure

Configuring the backorder is not as hard The configuration process of the partial payment is very easy. First of all, go to the Addons section of ProductX and turn on the partial payment option. Now to the product page for which you want to add the new payment system. Go to the partial payments tab and enable it.
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Deposit Type

There are two types of deposits available with the partial payment option. You can either add a fixed amount to pay or a percentage of the total amount of the product.

Dedicated Setting Options

Once you turn on the Partial payment addon, new setting options will be added to the ProductX section sections. From there you can add desired text for various fields.Then you can select the payment status from the various available options which include processing, on hold, and complete. You can also disable any of the

Works for Variations As Well

The partial payment system also works for variable products. But the configurations process is a bit confusing. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds. You have to enable the partial payment option for all of the variations of a specific product.
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