Easy to Use Backorder Addon for ProductX - WPXPO
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Allow backorder to out of stock products

The Back Order Addon for ProductX allows taking orders for products that are temporarily out of stock.

Easy to Configure

Configuring the backorder is not as hard as it sounds. First of all turn on the back order addon and go to the product that is out of stock. Click on the Inventory tab and click on backorder from the stock status dropdown. At last field up the required fields of back order details and update the product.
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Dedicated Settings

There will be dedicated settings for backorder after turning it on. From where you can add custom text of backorder label, add to cart, and availability message. However, the backorder adds to the cart and the availability message can also be changed at the product level.

Product Details

If you want to add back-ordering to a product you have to fill up details which include the available quantity, availability message, and available date.

Product Variations

The back ordering system of ProductX also supports variations. But you have to configure it for all of the variations of a variable product. However, you can also allow only one or two of the variations for backorder if required.
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