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This powerful WooCommerce Builder for ProductX is the all-in-one solution to create templates for Archive, Shop, and Single Product Pages.
The Wishlist addon of ProductX lets you set up a custom page and choose from two types of effective wishlists.
The Quickview feature lets the visitors of your online store explore product details within the Home, Shop, and Category pages.
The Compare addon of ProductX lets you set up a custom compare page and choose from two types of advanced product comparison.
The Flip Image Addon lets you showcase Flip the Featured Image with another Image of the Gallery of the Same Product.
The Save Template Addon of ProductX lets you create templates by adding the available product block. Later, you can use the template anywhere using shortcode.
It lets you make the products of your WooCommerce store available for pre-orders. So that, users can make orders for the products that are not released yet.
The WooCommerce Stock Progress Bar Addon helps to add visual indication of sold and remaining stock of the products.
The Call for Price add-on lets you add a calling button by which the customers can call you to know the price of a product.
The Backorder addon for ProductX helps to allow temporarily stock out products to backorder with releasing time and date.
With the Partial Payment addon we can let the customers order product by paying a deposit or percentage of the price.
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