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ProductX is a WooCommerce plugin for creating beautiful and unique product grids, product lists, product sliders, category lists, product carousel, and much more in a matter of seconds.
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A Complete Solution for WooCommerce Based Shop Management System for Shop Owner.

WooCommerce Solution

Exclusive WooCommerce Builder

The Builder Addon of ProductX lets you create Archive, Shop, and Single Product Page Templates.

product builder
  • Create Single Product Page Template.
  • Change Archive Page Template Design.
  • Customize Shop Page with Product Blocks.
  • Compare Button for a Single Product Page.
  • Change Templates conditions of Builder.

No Coding Knowledge Required

Fully Gutenberg Supported Drag and Drop Visual Grid Builder for WooCommerce.

No Coding Knowledge

WooCommerce Wishlist

Wishlist is a free and powerful ProductX addon that can help you to convert your site visitors into loyal customers.

  • Shortcodes to Implement Wishlist Inside Any Page.
  • Login Required Feature for Add to Wishlist.
  • Empty Wishlist After Checkout Feature.
  • Wishlist Button for Single Product Page.
  • Wishlist Button Text Change from Backend.
  • Redirect to Cart Feature.

Product Quickview

Quickview addon for ProductX provides the user quick access to the main product information in a smooth popup.

  • Disable Quickview on Mobile Device Feature.
  • Product Navigation Feature in Quickview Popup Feature.
  • Product Image Gallery Inside the Popup.
  • Enable/Disable Each and Every Element of the Popup Feature Separately.
  • Directly Redirect to Cart Option in Popup.
  • Enable Product Link Feature in Popup.

Easy to Compare

Compare addon helps your users to make better decisions by letting them accurately compare products from your shop.

  • Shortcode to Implement Comparing Tool Inside Any Page.
  • Comparison is Shown in a Popup After Clicking Feature.
  • Compare Button Text Change from Settings.
  • Compare Button for a Single Product Page.
  • Comparison Popup Position Change in Frontend Feature.

Ready Starter Packs

Import your entire  home page from ready starter packs using just a single click from our cutting-edge design library.

Starter Packs

Why Use ProductX

Creating a shop in WooCommerce is easier than ever with the help of ProductX. Without deeper technical expertise you can now create your very own shop in a matter of mins.

User Experience

Best User Experience

Easy to use for non-techie people.

Lot’s of

It comes with tons of block settings.
Highly Optimized Code

Highly Optimized Code

Code is as slick as they come.
Super Fast Support

Super Fast Support

Quick and repeated user support.
Easy to Configure

Easy to Configure ProductX

Easily customizable product settings.

Typography Control

All free google font integrated.

Based On Gutenberg

A full-fledged Gutenberg blocks.

Optimized Speed & Performance

Increase your shop speed and performance.

Ready-made Design Library

Ready-made Blocks Library enables users to create entire sections with only a few clicks. It has tons of ready-made designs to be explored.

Explore Ready-made Blocks
Design Library

ProductX Lovers!

What users think about our product is the most important and precious information. They love the features of the product.

Simple to Use, Effective Results

ProductX makes listing so much easier. The WooCommerce product grid, list and category blocks lets you easily showcase your products. It has awesome features collections Wishlist, Quickview, Compare, Category Grid, Product Slider, Pagination, Ajax Filter and more.
Ehsan Riyadh

Ehsan RiyadhFounder,

Perfect WooCommerce Plugin

A powerful plugin with all the customization features you need to create a wonderful WooCommerce site. You can add carousel sliders, include animations, add google fonts and edit fonts with advanced typography control. Definitely recommend this plugin for WooCommerce users.
Ataur Rahaman

Ataur RahamanFounder,

Insanely Easy to Use

ProductX makes it insanely easy to create an entire WooCommerce page. Just choose a pre-made layout, click, and your page is ready. But that’s not all. It has some amazing features like Query Builder, Ajax Filter, Pagination, and more. If you’re using WooCommerce, give it a try.
Istiak Rayhan

Istiak RayhanOwner,

Overview ProductX

ProductX offers a ton of Layout, Grid, List, and Template options for creating beautiful shops without having any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Ready-made Layout

ProductX comes with an enormous collection of ready-made layouts. From the Layout library, you will find a collection of finely crafted layouts. You can choose whatever you like. After a single click of the import button, the layout is imported to your page automatically.
Huge Layout
Query Builder

Advanced Query Builder

You can display your products in a custom query using ProductX for WooCommerce. It will help you to display your WooCommerce products in different criteria. The Number of posts, Category, Tag, Order By, Order, Exclude, Offset are now applicable from the blocks settings panel.

Save Template

Users can save Gutenberg blocks inside a template. And he can use those templates anywhere in WordPress editor via shortcode. It supports all popular page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Oxygen Builder, DIVI, All Gutenberg Editor as well as TinyMCE Editor.
Save Template
Product Grid

Product Grid Style

Showcase is very important for the product to give the user a better experience. That’s why ProductX comes with a lot of grid variations and blocks. Huge customization options help users to apply their design to the grid blocks.

Product List Style

Product listing comes with many list layouts and enormous settings. ProductX offers each block with a different design so that you can choose what is best for you.
Product List

Exclusive Features

Filter, Navigation, Pagination, Carousel are the most exclusive AJAX technology-driven features, which makes them the most exclusive indeed.

Product Filter

Product Filter

Product Category AJAX Filter shows many products at a time. By clicking on the filter user can easily view content.
Product Pagination

Product Navigation

Pagination and Load More are common features of post lists and post grids. ProductX comes with the AJAX-powered system.
Image Flip

Product Image Flip

While hovering the regular product image flips and another image of the same product is shown in the same place. This increases product visibility to your customers.

What We
Follow and Execute

See Roadmap
Roadmap of Gutenberg Post Blocks

ProductX Core Features

Even a non-technical person can build an online
shop with ProductX. Lots of settings give customers more flexibility.

Sales Status

In every block, there is a feature to show the sales status. Enabling this feature gives your customers the current status of your products which is sure to increase your sales.
Sales Tag

Featured Tag

ProductX has the option to add any product according to a specific feature. Doing so will allow you to display the product with a specified feature tag.
Featured Tag

Display Stock

Stock management is crucial in WooCommerce to become successful. ProductX lets you display the current stock status of your products sorted in the grid blocks.
Display Stock

Display Review

Reviews play a vital role in the sales of a product. Sales can multiply with good reviews. Easily display reviews to your benefit.
Product Review

Product Deal

Giving discounts on certain products for promotion is common enough. Display your product deals with countdown using ProductX.
Product Deals

Product Category Grid

For better navigation displaying categories in a dynamic grid layout is vital. You easily do so with ProductX blocks.

  • ProductX has Two Product Category Blocks.
  • Category Grid Comes with 9 Unique Readymade Layouts.
  • Category Grid Comes with Lots of Readymade Designs.
  • Items of Different Categories are Counted and Displayed Over the Cart.
  • Automatic Background Feature Image Can be Set to Save Your Time.
Category Grid

Product Slider Variations

With Most of ProductX blocks, you can simultaneously display your products in a grid and a slide view.

  • Enabling Autoplay Slider Runs the Slider Automatically.
  • ProductX Offers You a Plethora of Arrow Designs.
  • The Slide Speed of the Slider can Easily be Controlled by You.
  • The Number of Slides Can be Shown while Sliding.
  • Dots Let You Control the Slider.
Product Slider


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