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We are proud to announce the new beauty layout pack for the PostX plugin

As always, we’ve tried to combine the best in class features into this “beauty” layout for those who are in dire need of a quick update that highlights their personas using a layout that pops out to the general audience. 

Among all the known features, this time we tried to do something different with the layout. Our goal was to keep the design fresh and simple, yet punchy. Again, the look is clean and fresh. But there is a hint of punchiness in the overall design. 

Who Should Use This Layout? 

This layout is primarily for those who are:

  • Sharing beauty tips, tricks, and suggestions in the virtual world. 
  • Confident about sharing thoughts on their styling personas. 
  • Passionate about building a career as a beauty-related news writer. 
  • Concerned about the world of fashion and sharing their two cents on the matter. 

Fortunately, the use case is not limited to the above-mentioned users. The nature of the PostX plugin allows the users to change the layout styles as per their needs. 

For this reason, as a whole, anyone who appreciates design and beauty can become a fan (and user) of this layout!

The Beauty Layout: Features to Explore 

Among the many features of the new beauty layout, the “zig-zag” nature of the post list is one of the key attractions. Let’s talk about this for a second: 

The “Zig-Zag” Layout 

You will find this layout with the PostX post list styles (Post List #3). All you have to do is click on the layout to implement it. That’s it! 

Beauty layout zigzag setting
Beauty layout zigzag setting

A layout like this is crucial for the look and feel of the “beauty” layout. It adds a sense of punchiness to the overall design language of the layout. 

Other Elements of the Layout 

In order to share all your thoughts and tips on beauty, you have all the elements to do so. The “beauty” layout is a combination of post grids, lists, and sliders.

Beauty Layout Preview
Beauty Layout Preview

These sliders and grids are all gracefully placed for users to showcase their beauty tips, related news, thoughts, and more. 

1-Click Import 

As with all the PostX Starter Layout packs, you have the option to import the “Beauty” layout with just one click! This is crucial to users who are willing to deploy their beauty news websites quickly without hassle. 

Fresh and Fluid 

The “Beauty” layout is one of the more fresh layouts we’ve come up with in a while. The design offers a refreshing vibe, alongside a fluid interface that enables readers to engage with your content that’s been tastefully presented to the audience. 

Final Thoughts 

The “Beauty” layout is an all-in-one solution that’s geared toward serving those who care about beauty. Although the layout appeals to a very niche audience, users of all types and sources can use it according to their needs. 

This is what makes the “Beauty” layout so special. 

Make sure to sound off in the comment section down below to share your thoughts and recommendations. Cheers! 

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