Data Collection Policy

The personal data we collect is used to improve your experience. Using this data we add new features, resolve major conflicts with other plugins, improve on user requests, resolve plugins server issues etc. 

How We Use Your Information

We care about your data. We collect all the information you provide during the deactivation of the plugins. Depending on your provided feedback we improve our plugins –

  • We improve our plugins feature.
  • Add new feature to our plugins.
  • Fix different server related problem of our plugins.
  • Improve our plugins experience.
  • Fix PHP error related problem.
  • Conflict issue with other plugins.
  • Conflict with other theme.
  • File Size Related issue.
  • WordPress Core version related issue.
  • Support staff gets useful information about your site to give you better support.
  • We sometimes give you an email for our product promotion, although it has an unsubscribe email option to remove this.

What We Don’t

We don’t SELL/RENT/TRADE your data to others. Your data is fully secured with us and we only use it to improve your experience with us.

How We Protect Your Information

We strongly secure your user data using the latest technology. Every unauthorized access has been blocked using our firewall software and encryption. 

All the data we stored is highly secured and guaranteed to store securely. Secure socket technology is used for unauthorized access. We never store sensitive data like your password, user-specific data, and sales data.

What Information We Collect

The following data we collect from your site-

  • Your Site Name
  • Your Site URL
  • Admin Email Address
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Display Name
  • Sites WordPress Version
  • Your Sites Memory Limits
  • Sites Debug Enable or Not
  • Sites Locate
  • Multisite Enabled or Not
  • Your Sites Installed Theme
  • Active Theme 
  • Total Number of Users
  • Active Plugins List
  • Inactive Plugin List
  • Server Software You Used
  • Your Current Timezone
  • Is Your PHP php_curl module is Enable or Not
  • Your WordPress File Upload Size
  • Your Server MySQL Version
  • Is Your PHP php_fsockopen module is Enable or Not
  • Your IP Address
  • Our Plugins Name
  • Our Plugins Version You Used
  • Our Current Plugins Version

Data Deletion Request Policy

You can delete your data through contacting with us. We delete your entire data if you request us through mail or you can connect with our support team to delete your entire data as soon as possible.

Last Updated on January 12, 2021