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How to Change WordPress Featured Image Size

How to Change WordPress Featured Image Size

A post’s or page’s featured image should reflect its subject matter, tone, or overall concept. In addition, each post or page may have one featured picture, which many themes and plugins can use to improve the visual appeal of your site.

A post’s featured image is the most noticeable in WordPress. They’re the little boxes next to the headlines of your posts on the homepage.

You can boost user interaction and pageviews by with WordPress featured image size and similar customizations. In addition, these pictures may show up in search engine results and social media feeds.

The most common usage of featured images is for blog posts, but you can also use them on pages and custom post types.

Benefits of Featured Image

Featured images are an excellent way to improve your site’s aesthetics and add a visual element to an otherwise text-only piece of writing (or blog post). Images aid in the communication of ideas, allowing the reader to grasp the presented material better.

Using featured images consistently is a great way to establish your site’s visual identity while also increasing traffic; studies have shown that posts with images get 94% more views than those without. With PostX, you can add and display WordPress video as featured image, which will definitely make your post more eye-catchy.

In addition, including keywords in the image’s alt text and description might improve your WordPress site’s search engine optimization. However, if you are worrying about the size and other editing options for images, there are several free image editor online which you can use to stay hassle free.

What does the PostX Featured Image Provide?

PostX’s featured image is an attractive Gutenberg block. Comparable to how PostX’s single-post builder gives you access to more building components, this also applies to PostX. This framework makes it easy to develop unique single-post templates. An individual post template can be built from the ground up, which you can discover here. The WordPress featured image serves the same purpose, allowing you to display your chosen featured image on your site.

The concern is changing WordPress featured image size, so let’s return to that.

How to Change WordPress Featured Image Size?

Now that we know about the WordPress featured image, let’s know how to change its settings.

Installing PostX

First, you’ll need to install the PostX plugin from the WordPress Directory.

To add a new plugin:

  1. Go to the Plugins section and click on add new.
  2. Search PostX and click the Install Now option.
  3. Click the activate button to finish the installation.
  4. Then you have to create a custom post template.

Adding Featured Image Blocks

WordPress Featured Image
WordPress Featured Image

What to do if you’re creating a website from scratch and customizing everything? So, now you need to add a featured image block to continue the process.

Well, PostX has your back. You can also type “/” and then write “featured image “to get it or click the “add block (the plus icon on the left) to add it to your page.

Now that we successfully added the featured image block, rest assured because the next thing we will share is how to change its settings.

How to Change WordPress Featured Image Settings?

WordPress Featured Image Settings
WordPress Featured Image Settings

PostX not only brought some fantastic new blocks to build single post templates from scratch but also gave the user complete control of the modifications. 

That means you can change, modify or craft your blocks quickly and easily. The featured image block is no different, as PostX provides a considerable amount of modification settings for these particular blocks. 

After importing/adding the block, you’ll see some settings on the right sidebar. And from there, you can change the WordPress Featured Image size.

From changing width height to scaling; and adjusting border-radius to sequence alignment PostX covers everything.

You can also change text color, box color, background color, and so much more if you use this fantastic plugin named PostX.


Now that we have shared how to change WordPress featured image size, you can easily modify them. So, what are you waiting for? PostX gives you complete control to change anything and everything. So, let your inner Picasso out, and build awesome websites and blog pages in WordPress. Good Luck!

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