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How to Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page

How to Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page

An essential aspect of every WooCommerce shop is client satisfaction. It includes adding a custom thank you page to the WooCommerce shop. Additionally, you can connect successfully with your consumers by displaying a personalized message after the buyer’s journey. You can increase the store’s revenue with a well-designed WooCommerce thank you page.

By default, WooCommerce’s thank-you page displays merely a standard message and order data. However, this could be more appealing, and you cannot add personalized messages. To have extra functionalities, one must use a bespoke solution.

Customizing the thank you page or creating a custom thank you page might need clarification if you have recently launched a WooCommerce business.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on creating a customized WooCommerce thank you page.

Why Should You Customize the Default WooCommerce Thank You Page

Once a customer completes a purchase and reaches the Thank You page, this should not be considered the end of the buyer experience. However, much more can be done to improve consumer involvement and inspire trust.

The WooCommerce thank you page needs to give your customers a strong message, metaphorically, obviously, to get back again. However, it should also build trust, which will help you get recurring customers and create a loyal customer base.


Your website will stand out from the competition and provide a markedly unique experience to visitors due to thank you pages that have been thoughtfully built.

Creating a Great Onboard Experience

When relevant, a Thank You page can provide onboarding resources to clients who have recently bought a product. This may contain documentation, product videos, and any other content that can be useful to the end user. This information allows the user to begin using the product with little effort spent figuring out how to utilize it.

Creating an Amazing Post-sale Experience

Compared to the default Thank you page, a well-designed and personalized Thank you page makes a favorable impression on customers. This ultimately contributes to a positive user experience on the website.

Building Trust

Once a buyer purchases a new product, they may have reservations about whether the thing performs as planned. Suppose a Thank You page is personalized to incorporate material such as favorable reviews or testimonials. In that case, they help reassure such clients, dispelling their concerns. Based on this, customers will likely take more activities on the website.

Good Marketing Strategy 

Suppose a buyer comes to the Thank you page and trusts the product. In that case, they will probably share their purchases on various social networks. These shares are likely to attract prospective clients to your website. You can also show specials on the website, allowing you to promote additional goods you may have available.

So, enough information, let’s move forward on how to customize WooCommerce thank you page.

How to Create and Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page Template with ProductX

ProductX’s newest addition, the newly upgraded “WooCommerce Builder,” can help you to create and customize different templates like the thank you page. This guide will show you how to customize WooCommerce thank you pages without any code.

Video Tutorial

Before we start the thorough procedures, here’s a video tutorial for visual understanding.

Thank You Page Video Tutorial

Step 1: Install and Activate ProductX

Install ProductX
Install ProductX

First, install and activate ProductX. Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so:

  • Open the Plugins menu in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now install the plugin by clicking the “Add New” option.
  • Type “ProductX” into the search bar and then hit the “Install” button.
  • Click the “Activate” button after you’ve installed the ProductX plugin.

Step 2: Turn on the Builder

Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon
Turn on WooCommerce Builder Addon

After installing ProductX, you need to activate the Builder. To turn it on, you need to:

  • Go to ProductX from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Select the Addons Tab
  • Enable the Builder via the toggle option.

Step 3: Create Thank You Page Template

After turning on the Builder, you must create a thank you page. To do that:

Creating Thank You Page
Creating Thank You Page
  • Go to ProductX from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce Builder.
  • Select the ‘add thank you.’
  • Select Start from Scratch, the Import Premade template.
  • And after arranging your thank you page, Click Publish.

And you’re done with creating a WooCommerce thank you Page Template.

Step 4: Arrange WooCommerce Thank You Page 

Arranging Thank You Page
Arranging Thank You Page

You have created the thank you page template. Now you must arrange it. This guide will assist you in arranging your WooCommerce thank you page by adding a few blocks.

We have specified a section of blocks for creating thank you page. Which are:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Payment
  • Thank you Address
  • Thank you Order Details

You can design your thank you page however you want with these blocks.

Step 5: Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page Template

You’ve already created and designed the thank you page, so we’ll move on to modifications now. Therefore, let’s save time and go to the customizing options.

Thank You Page Blocks Customization Settings
Thank You Page Blocks Customization Settings

By default, when you create a thank you page with ProductX, the blocks give you various customization options. So, let’s discover what customization ProductX has for its blocks.

Order Confirmation

This block displays a confirmation message after successful order placement.

You’ll get the following customization in this block.

  • Heading (Change heading texts, typographies, colors, and alignments)
  • Order Message (Change message text, typographies, colors, and alignments)
  • Container (Change background, border radius, border, and padding)

Order Payment

With the help of this block, you can display the payment overview.

You’ll get a hefty amount of customization in this block.

  • Texts (Change all the necessary field texts and alignments)
  • List Item (Change border radius, border, and spacing)
  • Label (Change color and typography)
  • value (Change color, typography, and spacing)
  • Separator (Change color, width, and style)
  • Container (Change background, border, border color, box shadow, and padding)

Thank you Address

Show billing and shipping addresses with this block. And here are the customization options: 

  • General (Change texts of billing and shipping address title, color, space, and title typography)
  • Body (Change the color, typography, and alignment)
  • Container (Change background, border, border color, box shadow, and padding)

Thank you Order Details

This block displays all order details like product info, product attributes, prices, etc. Here’s what you can customize: 

  • General (Change texts, also for downloadable products, color, typographies, table-border, and radius)
  • Table Header (Change texts, color, typographies, background, border, etc.)
  • Table Body (Change the text color, background, link color, link hover color, body typographies, alignment, and all the necessary button typographies)
  • Table Footer (Change necessary texts, color, typographies, etc.)
  • Container (Change background, border, border color, box shadow, and padding)

As you see, you’ll get complete freedom to create and customize your WooCommerce thank you page with the help of ProductX.


Suppose you use ProductX to customize your WooCommerce thank you page. In that case, you should plan on maximizing your return on investment. You can concentrate on other aspects to onboard more customers and focus on increasing customer loyalty. At the same time, ProductX can help you create a fantastic WooCommerce thank you page. Best of Luck!

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