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Dynamic Rules

The dynamic rule system allows to set pricing and discounts dynamically for specific or multiple users and products.

User Roles

You can create multiple user roles and offer different facilities for different user roles.

Registration Form

Build a custom registration form and then create a registration page via shortcode.

Tiered Pricing

Set quantity-based tiered pricing dynamically or at the product level for specific or multiple users.

Wallet Management

Let the wholesale customers add funds to the store wallet and use it for purchasing goods from your site.


Let your customer communicate with you regarding any query or negotiation using the built-in messaging option.

Advanced and Essential Features that You Can’t Leave Without

B2B and B2C Hybrid

  • Multimode Selection of B2B, B2C, and B2B+C Hybrid
  • Manage Store Together or Separately
  • Show Tiered Pricing Table
  • Display Multimode Discount Together
B2B and B2C Hybrid
wholesale dynamic rule

Dynamic Discount Rules

  • Multiple Customizable Discount Options
  • Assign Wholesale Pricing Globally
  • Set Different Prices for Each product
  • Hide Products From Specific/Multiple Users
  • Tax Exemption Option for Different Countries
  • Different Shipping Zone Free Delivery Options

Wholesale Pricing

  • Dynamic Wholesale Pricing for All Products
  • Multiple Options to Add Discounted Price
  • Set Category or Attribute-Based Pricing
  • Add Prices to Specific Products
  • Differentiate Prices Based on Users
  • Show Prices With or Without Taxes for Payment Based Option
Wholesale Pricing
Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing

  • Create Tiered Pricing Globally or at the Product Label
  • Select Desired Premade Layout for Tiered Pricing
  • Marge Multiple Tiered Pricing on the Product Page
  • Show/Hide Price Range From Product Listing Page
Wholesale Form

Registration Form Builder

  • Create B2C & B2B Forms for Registration
  • Hide Field for Specific Users Roles
  • Set Desired Fields as Mandatory
  • Create a Separate Registration Page

User Profile

  • Create Custom User Profile via Registration
  • Manage User Profile Separately
  • Set Different Roles for Each User
  • Adjust Custom User Based Discount
  • Add Wallet Funds for Specific Users
  • Tax Management Option for Each User
Wholesale user profile
wholesale role

User Roles

  • Create Unlimited User Roles
  • Display Prices With or Without Taxes to Specific Users
  • Add Wallet Credit Limit for Specific Users or Groups
  • Assign Specific Payments Methods Based on User Roles
  • Set Specific Shipping Methods Based on User Roles

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Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods

  • Show/Hide Shipping Methods Based on User Roles
  • Show/Hide Shipping Methods Based on Products
  • Offer Special Discounts Based on Shipping Methods
  • Offer Free Shipping for Specific Users or Groups

Tax Exemption

  • Tax Exemption Based on User Roles
  • Tax Exemption Based on Products
  • Exempt Tax Based on Cart Quantity, Value, or Wight
  • Exempt Tax Only for a Limited Time
wholesale tax Exemption
Shipping cart discount

Cart Discount

  • User Role Based Discount
  • Cart Quantity / Value / Weight Based Discount Conditions
  • Different Types of Discount Option
  • Product Based Discount

Wallet Management

  • Add WholesaleX Wallet Option on WooCommerce My Account Page
  • Users can Add Wallet Funds and use them for future Payments
  • Manually Add Wallet Funds from Admin Panel
  • Change “Wallet Balance” and “Add Funds” Texts for Non-native Stores.
Wallet Management
wholesale Conversation


  • Add Conversation Option on WooCommerce My Account Page
  • Easy Communication With Your Customers
  • Get Quote Requests from Potential Buyers
  • 3 Different Conversation Modes: Inquiry, Message, Quote

Category Tier and Visibility

  • Create Custom Category Tiers
  • Custom Discount Management for Each Tier
  • Product Visibility for Specific Users
  • Add Prices to Specific Products
  • Separate Discount Visibility for Specific Users
  • Show/Hide Tier/User Role Visibility
wholesale category tier
wholesale design setting

Design and Styling

  • Adjust Tier Positioning
  • Color Selection Tool for Various Sections and Active Tiers
  • Multiple Premade Tier Layouts

Email Template

  • Custom Email Template Configuration
  • Easy Activation/Deactivation Method for Each Template
  • Smart Tag for Easier Email Configuration
Email Template

Dive into Core Components of WholesaleX that makes your store stand out from competition

Payment Method

Payment Methods

Control Payment methods available for users and products.
Dynamic Discount Rules

Product visibility

Display or hide products from guests or any other users.
Tax Exemptions

Tax Exemptions

Exempt taxes for specific products or users if required.
Form Builder

Custom Fields

Add unlimited fields to the B2B registration form.
Tiered Pricing System

Tiered Pricing System

Set tiered pricing globally or at the product level.
Price Range

Price Range

Assign your desired price range for specific or all products.
Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Enable/disable email notifications for customers and admin.


Safe your B2B store from the risk of spam and abuse.
Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Offer free shipping for users or a group of users.
Minimum Purchase Rules

Minimum Purchase Rules

Set minimum purchase rules required to avail discounts.

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