Reviews & Testimonials

Plugin is excellent! Thank you for rarely a good great free plugin! To many options, easy to use.I really needed this plugin for the site i’m developing! No errors(bug)! I strongly recommend it! Please next update give to us ???? in options “Order By”: more option like: hits, most popular,last 24hour! Of course if possible ????

@blumen – A lot of option easy to use!

I have been searching for hours for a plugin like this. Tried all plugins and this is the best! It’s wonderful, easy to use and so many themes to choose from. I can’t believe it’s free! ????

@laursen299 – Lot of options and works well

I was surprised by the versatility of this plugin. It’s great the other and most important thing is I contacted the developers and they have resolved both my doubts and fixed some minor problems. Thank you!!!!! ????

@mparraud – Really good plugin!

A great plugin for a blog or news site, with its help you can create not only the main page, but also display similar or recent posts by tags or categories, add exceptions. It has many ready-made styles that you can refine yourself, as there is a block for custom code. ????

@nalitana – There are no analogues